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Hoblites: 3 Aug 2012 Edition

Sometimes there is just a need to talk about random stuff but it doesn’t warrant a title all on its own, you know?  I’ve been overwhelming the site with Big Brother updates and I admit, they’re a blast to write.  It satisfies a “fix” to write about a specific topic and is also a challenge to somehow keep it interesting, not only for you, but for me.  Big Brother is on THREE times a week yet those crazy houseguests keep me entertained enough to continue writing.

My Olympic Hotness Interests, Updated:

As I wrote about before, there are some ridiculously hot guys in the XXX Olympics.  GRIN.  Yet the more Ryan Lochte opens his mouth and speaks or shows off that stupid-ass “grille” in his mouth, the more I realize he is an unbearable douchebag – still HOT, but meh in every other factor that there is.  Yet there are others…there are others.  Did you happen to notice the other hottie on the swim team, Nathan Adrian???  Hot, a gold medalist, humble, and actually well-spoken.  Here are some choice pics for you:

Nathan Adrian speedo goodness
Nathan Adrian speedo goodness
Adorable Nathan Adrian grin
Adorable Nathan Adrian grin
Hot and Not-Stupid Nathan Adrian
Hot and Not-Stupid Nathan Adrian19-Nov-2011 14:13, Phase One P30+, 7.1, 80.0mm, 0.005 sec, ISO 100
Notice the ripped speedo
Notice the ripped speedo

If you have your eyes open during my network’s pretty amazing coverage of the Olympics, you’ll see plenty (PLENTY) of other hotties throughout the US teams as well as many international teams too.  Congratulations to all the athletes, medal-winning or not.  It really is amazing to see what these folks can do – it’s still an effort to get back into running for me.  Which leads me to….

Return to Running!

With my sciatica seemingly tamed for the time being (I refuse to say cured because I just know if I’m overly careless, that badboy will motherfuckin’ come back and destroy me again) due to Physical Therapy and patience in resuming exercise routines, I have yet again embarked on adding running into my exercise routines.  I did jump back into it a month or so ago but after a week or so of aggressively running a lot more than I probably should have, I got serious pain in my right lower leg.  It didn’t feel like shin splints as it was on the in-side of my leg, not the front, and felt more like a muscle thing.  Regardless, I stopped and let my leg feel good again. It dawned on me I needed to fucking chill and take things easy as there was no way I could get back to 4-6 mile runs immediately.  I went to runnersworld.com and will take their advice to heart, starting slow and building back up.  I know from experience that shin splints eventually aren’t a thing but that takes a lot of work.  But it will be nice to add this back into my life as it will help on keeping my weight under control.   Due to this addition along with not eating so richly with Larry being in NYC, my weight is at 180, the first time it’s been there since sometime in 2011.  No joke.  That sciatic injury really fucked me over and prevented me from really doing much exercise at all.  Ugh.  It will be nice to feel better about myself and resume being back to around 170.

Pouring My Heart Into Song

This picture was no joke, people!  Okay, it was, but that is a real guitar I’m holding.  And in 2010, I took lessons over the course of the entire year from New York Guitar School.  I got fairly decent, for a beginner.  Yet when we moved to LA in 2011, I never resumed taking lessons and my guitar ended up in its case, constantly sitting in the corner by the dining room table, unobtrusively reminding me that once, we used to make music together.  FINALLY, finally, this week, I took the guitar out of the case, tuned it (it surprisingly wasn’t ridiculously out of tune), and started slowly with just playing D, G, and A7 chords.  Ugh.  I had definitely blocked out the memory of painful fingertips as DAMN.  You definitely build up strange fingertip callouses on the left hand where you press down on the strings to make chords, but they’re necessary so you don’t cry from the pain.  I kept all my instructional materials and songs, so at this point, it’s me playing those three chords as well as Sublime’s “What I Got” and U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”.  And rocking the HELL out of them.  Even strumming patterns are coming back to me.  But yeah, painful fingertips.

Back to NYC, for a weekend

Finally, I’m flying out tonight to the NYC area (truly, I’m going to the part of New Jersey right across the river from Manhattan, but it’s a lot more cool to say New York or NYC) because Larry’s mom is getting married.  It’s supposed to be hot as balls out there.  Yay!  But I’m excited to see the family back there as well as the potential chance to see the city.  Flying back Monday so it’s a real quick trip.  Larry then stays out there till near the end of the month.  Feh.  🙂

Summertime in the City (MM)

So here’s the scoop and to catch you up on what’s been going on during this dreadfully hot summer so far:

  • I don’t have a Schlotzky ring.  After the endoscopy, the Doc told me that his initial guess was wrong.  Instead, and after verifying with the lab who analyzed the biopsy, it turns out I have Eosinophilic Esophagitis, which is typically associated with allergies.  So I went and saw an allergist.  Besides nuts, which I didn’t need to take a painful test for, I did find out I’m allergic to Soy.  Hmmm.  At least it wasn’t chicken.  One other thing – going under anasthesia is such a bizarre experience.  You honestly have no idea you were unconscious until it’s over and you’re waking up.  I do NOT like that feeling.
  • This year’s summer in NYC is awful.  It’s hot, and it’s humid, and I can’t run my A/C and watch TV at the same time as it blows out my fuse in the apartment.  That….sucks.
  • Larry & I have been managing to get out and see and do things.  Lots of pictures can you show things like the Billy Joel booze cruise, etc.  But we also went and saw another Broadway show finally.  On the July 4th weekend, we went down to TKTS and got discounted tickets for Promises, Promises, which ended up being a very good and entertaining show.  It is so wonderful to see Kristin Chenoweth and Sean Hayes in person too.  They’re both very talented.  The Tony-award winning supporting actress though really made the show, as her character was this boozy bar dame who hits on Sean Hayes’ character.  SOOO funny.
  • Work has been stressful and good all at the same time.  Hopefully we’ll be hiring people soon.  Found some decent folks finally.  It would be nice to have a full team again. Just sayin’. I may be headed back out to Los Angeles in the early part of August.
  • Will be seeing Pat in the beginning of August, which is cool.  Hopefully the weather is a bit more bearable!
  • Finished up my second Beginner’s Guitar School course.  I am pretty proud of how much progress I’ve made in playing the guitar.  It’s funny remembering how awkward it was to just strum a chord or two, and now I feel a lot more confident in being actually able to play a song.  Our last song that we played as a “recital” was Jack Johnson’s “Wanting, Waiting, Wishing” song which is fun and challenging to play.  We did a good job at it. I’m hoping to fit in one more course before leaving for Los Angeles for good.  I’d like to get in some more core knowledge from this school, as it is a great place to learn.  Everyone’s so upbeat and positive about guitar there.

And that’s pretty much the most of what’s going on. I hope you’re watching Big Brother 12 like I am.  It’s not the best season at this point, but it’s BB, so it’s of course entertaining.  My favorites now are Britney as she’s so bitchy and funny, as well as Lane, as he’s just big and kinda cute.  Brendon was high on my list before as the man is just beautiful, but he’s quite the idiot, and not in a lovable Jeff from BB11 way.  Rachel is sorta growing on me, but that laugh can peel paint off the wall.  Ugh.

The Spring Los Angeles/Las Vegas 2010 Tour (MM)

Cheers to the breaking news of my May return to Los Angeles and Las Vegas!  Larry & I are headed back to go visit a little then celebrate Harv’s birthday up in Vegas with him.  Sweet.  I’m guessing it’s gonna be hot as all hell if it’s already this hot now.  I exaggerate of course, as it looks to be 30 degrees cooler by the end of the week, at least here.

I will be heading back to the West Coast around the second week of May, so if you’re in town and you still check in on this blog, it may be time to catch up!

In iPad news, I’ve strangely developed a resistance to its power.  I think I may be able to hold out from buying one for a little longer.  I still desperately want an eReader though.  I covet both the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes & Noble Nook.  Larry wisely warned me not to bother with either before the iPad came out, and I’m glad I held off.  But now that the iPad is here and I’m hearing mixed messages on the usefulness of the shiny screen to read in any type of daylight condition, and the fact that the iPad does get heavy if you want to hold it for a long period of reading.  I may indeed still head back to Kindle/Nook territory, although now it may just pay to wait further until the Color Kindle comes out.  But who knows when that is gonna be?  Ah, maybe I’ll just not spend my money this time and instead save it for gambling in Vegas in May?  I want to WIN a LOT this time!!!!!  You hear that, Lady Luck?!?  It looks like I’ll get to meet up with Michancy when I visit, which is ALWAYS a good time.  Hopefully now that she’s employed and all that she won’t be all like “I have to get to bed by 9”….  that would suck.  You hear that, Michancy???

No word yet on the feasibility of an LA position for me in any definite terms, but it certainly has potential still.  My boss even started asking how soon could I go?  Well, like I told him, at the end of the year.  I brought it up completely clear in the fact that I was telling him early enough so it wouldn’t be a shock.  Not to force me out to LA now so that I could possibly then pay THREE mortgages/rents.  Because, yeah, paying TWO is lotsa fun.

For you fellow video game enthusiasts, drop everything and buy Just Cause 2.  This game is everything Grand Theft Auto games in this generation need to be.  Fun, exciting, go everywhere immediately and immersed in beautiful scenery while doing crazy shit on any type of vehicle.  SOOO FUN.

Enough from me for tonight.  Last night’s LOST may need a re-watch as it was just that awesome (Desmond episodes always are and “Happily Ever After” did not disappoint) or I probably should practice some more on the guitar.  In fact, I need to start thinking about what kind of guitar I should buy!  Who knew I’d be strumming the guitar like this one day?

Well, Hello April!

I took March 2010 off to focus on personal matters.  HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Nah, I was just lazy and it wasn’t too filled with exciting adventures and stories.  The Winter Olympics obviously went well and now work is getting “interesting,” in that I’ve told them I plan to leave NYC at the end of the year.  They may or may not be able to hook me up with something in Los Angeles.  I’ll keep you posted on what I find out.

In the guitar front, I am like so much better than I used to be!  I know around eight chords and can actually strum in rhythm!  When I feel like I’m actually able to play something AND sing/mumble at the same time, I’ll post a YouTube video here.  For me the most dramatic part from Lesson 1 to Lesson 9 is the progression from being so uncomfortable with finding a chord and changing to another one to now having an innate sense and accuracy in finding the chords.  It’s kinda cool.  Now I’m in now way ready for my sidewalk debut begging for change, but I’m getting there.

If you didn’t hear via Facebook or such, I ran in the NYC Half-Marathon 2010 two weekends ago on March 21.  I initially started training fairly well, but then the Olympics and the snowy weather really put a damper on my motivation.  So effectively, I didn’t really train.  I was good with running 8 miles or so, which isn’t shabby, but still, it’s not 13.1 miles!  So on Sunday, March 21, a fantastically beautiful NYC day with gorgeous cool temperatures and beautiful sunny skies, Larry & I took part in the race.  He was in a much further-up corral than I was, so I didn’t run it with him.  The course loops you around Central Park one and a half times, then you turn down Seventh Avenue into Times Square!  It’s a great feeling to run through there and you are right in the middle of it.  You then turn on 42nd to the Hudson River, where you then run down the highway to the World Financial Center area.  It was a good run, but by the time it was time to run along the river, I was sooooo ready for it to be over.  There were professional photographers taking pics all along the route, and then they automatically can find out which ones you’re in and then they send you an email link to them and you can see how awful you look while running.  And I’m now sharing that with you:


Yeah, not my finest shots, that’s for sure.  The ones of me in Times Square aren’t so bad, where West Side Story can be seen in the background.  The others, not so much….

Here is a cool link to a “replay” of the race route using a Google Earth version of NYC – it’s fairly accurate of what you saw while running:


One last little thing to share with you – I got one of my first real “unhappy” emails from someone who reads the recaps I do for Amazing Race on RealityNewsOnline.com.  You can see my links in the ARTICLES section – I got the email in response to my latest article recapping Episode 7’s extra scenes.  If you watch Amazing Race, you’ll know that there is a team of lesbians who haven’t been the best of friends with the dumb model couple.  Some of the teams are all harping on how mean the lesbians are to the models, and I took a moment in my recap to basically explain that I didn’t see where these teams were coming from as I didn’t think the lesbians were actually doing anything worthy of notice.  Well, I bring to you the following email I received this morning from “Joy” who definitely doesn’t live up to her name:

Subject:  how stupid you are
Your so biased with Caite and Brent all these lesbians do are mocking them and you say its only tiara comment ?Are we watching the same show?
Ifit someone who is dirty its the lesbians they are lesbians they should be ashamed of themselves they are hypocrite jjust like you.YOU ARE SO BIASED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Ah, this is even better than a dotante. No kidding.  I didn’t respond as it’s not worth it to, but wow.  I am almost tempted to think this is a fake-out, especially with that trailing 1 at the end of the exclamation points.  The many exclamation points.  But who doesn’t love dirty lesbians?   COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Off on a Thursday…But Working on the Weekend (MM)

So I have today and tomorrow off because of the Olympics, but I am working on Saturday and Sunday.  Then yay, back to a normal type day.  It is nice to have a random schedule every now and then, but to be honest, for my workout schedule, I much prefer to have my regular day schedule so that when I’m done at work, I take the elevator up to the 8th floor in 30 Rock and use the gym.  Since the renovation over the winter break, the gym is a lot nicer now.  Way better equipment and a nice area for stretching and crunches.  I am in such pain though as it’s been a while since I’ve been regularly weight training.  And I did squats and lots of arm stuff on Monday…and DAMN I am sore.  I’ve been running a lot in order to get myself ready for the half-marathon but that doesn’t help your muscles much.  Oy.  Unfortunately today in NYC the weather is bleak and constantly snowing.  It’s like “heavy” snowfall too, although I don’t think it’s really accumulating too much as it’s relatively warm.   But here’s what it looks like out my window today, courtesy of my uploaded video to YouTube:

Okay, so in this clip it’s a tad hard to see the snow.  But it is falling pretty dramatically.

Anyway, I’ve been uploading my old site slowly but surely.  Got through a lot of 2007 this past weekend and all of my 2007 Europe trip with Susan and Jeff.  Ah the memories.  Also, since Amazing Race is on again, I’m writing the recaps for the Secret Scenes from the CBS site on Realitynewsonline.  So check those out from the ARTICLES link above.

And tonight is my fourth guitar lesson!  I’ve learned six chords so far – D, G, Em, A7, D7, and C.  I am a golden god!