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A Nice Weekend – and Pics from the Last One

Work has been kind of insane this past week, so I never got a chance to post the pictures from Rekha’s birthday and our trip out there for it to Santa Monica.  That situation is finally going to be remedied!  But before that, I have to admit that this weekend….was highly unproductive.  But it was […]


Running a 10k Along Hollywood Blvd

Today we got up before the crack of dawn in order to go to the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood as we had signed up for a 10k race.  It was kind of brutal to get up that early knowing it was to go running, but we were both troopers, getting up fairly easily, then […]

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Weekend Update

Larry & I got our first experience with the latest incarnation of Virtual Reality (VR) through Brian, as he finally got his HTC Vive VR kit.  We went over to his place, along with Nicki and Kevin, and after a great lunch at Aroma Cafe, got to finally experience what is truly only the beginning […]

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Saturday State Amidst the Horseshit

Hello everybody!  With Larry & I both having gotten a run in this afternoon, it feels like it is actually Sunday, as that’s when we normally do that.  But we’ve got some plans tomorrow so today was it!  I ended up trying a variant on the route I’ve been going, using the Griffith Park horse […]

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2 Caps, a Towering Inferno, and a Griffith Park Run

Today is the last day of my Christmas vacation.  WTF?  How did this happen so damn fast?  I guess it really wasn’t all that fast, but it did feel like it as not much really of note happened last week while off from work.  But that was nice at the same time.  I got our […]