A central repository for my pictures / posts / rundowns of our trips.  Always more to come!

2017 – Seattle, Twin Peaks, and Vancouver

FINALLY made it to the Pacific Northwest.  While a bit smokey, it was an amazing trip, most notably for the awesome Twin Peaks visits!

2017 – Summer in New York City & New Jersey

2016 – Honeymoon in Paris & London

Getting married?  Then you go on a honeymoon!  Off we went to Paris & London for just over a week and had one hell of a time.

2015 – San Francisco Long Weekend

2015SFTripA much-needed vacation!  As can be seen, we haven’t really had one in a while and SF is always a great spot for getting away.

2013 Mediterranean Cruise

Med2HeaderBCN_NIC_FLR_ROM_NAP_DBV_VCE_KTR_BCNWestern Mediterranean Cruise on the Celebrity Equinox followed by a few days in Barcelona

2012 – San Francisco Weekend

2012SFTripA good time visiting one of the most beautiful cities in the country

2011 Mediterranean Cruise

MedHeader870271_600A few days in Rome followed by an Eastern Mediterranean Cruise on the Celebrity Equinox

2010/11 – Roadtrip: Moving to California

2010CaliforniaDriveCaliforniaRoadtripThe week-long roadtrip Larry & I took across the eastern and southern part of the United States to get to California during the height of winter

2010 – A Return Visit to Colorado Springs


2007 – Moving to New York City (New Jersey)

NYC2007HeaderDrivetoNYC2007I separated from the Air Force!  What do I do now?  I go to NYC!!!!

2007 – The Adventure to London and Paris


europe2007_originalmenuFantastic and fun trip bouncing back and forth between London and Paris with Susan and Jeff, meeting friends along the way.

2005 – Journey to Alaska


alaska2005_originalmapWhen Jason PCS’d to Alaska, I accompanied him from Seattle along the Inside Passage via Ferry, hitting Ketchikan, Juneau, and Sitka, then finally by car through Canada and the outback of Alaska until getting to Anchorage.

2004 – Willkommen to Berlin!

BerlinHeaderI made it to the capital of Germany and did a solo journey for my birthday that year – it was amazing.


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