Remembering the Moment When Everything Changed

I found a post on my website that correlated to when Larry first got “sick”, and we stayed at home that weekend to watch movies:

A Weekend of Movies

His stomach had been bothering him and I can track when this date actually was as that was the first time we had done a telemedicine visit.  So it’s easy to find on my HSA spending.  It just sucks thinking back then to when it seemed maybe it was gonna be something like a ulcer or maybe IBS or just anything that might be treatable or chronic but not fatal.   Slightly over a year and a half later, Larry was dead.  And I still can vividly remember that telemedicine visit, and the scary part when the woman we were talking to said that Larry definitely needed to go see his doctor as it could be something more serious.  She obviously was right.

I have nothing but time to reminisce, it seems.  I try to veer towards good memories, but it’s hard.  I do think about the end of 2019 and whenever I see pictures from them it’s a gut punch.  Now it’s almost close to a year having passed and I can’t accept that.  The world is a massive shitshow with the idiots taking over the asylum so we’re all stuck at home, and instead of grieving and rebuilding my life somehow, it’s not.

Fran and Joel went to Larry’s grave last week and facetime’d with me so I could see it for the first time since his burial, and it’s devastating.  The grass still hasn’t grown over it and we have the headstone still on the way.  But this year I was going to be back east to be there for the headstone reveal and of course I can’t.   It’s all so fucked.  Glad our incompetent, racist president can’t manage to do anything but blame others and do nothing during this pandemic.  So glad.

Anyway, here is where Larry was buried.  I love and miss him so much.  I can’t be there to visit but I have to do my best to remember that’s just where he’s buried.  “Larry” is not there – he’s free.  I can’t imagine having to fight cancer in this nightmare we’re living in with the things going on, so I have that as a small mercy.  I just wish I wasn’t alone as having him here to lean on (and to be there for him to lean on me) would be worth everything and make this year slightly bearable.

But yeah, just very hard to remember that initial moment in May of 2018 when we thought he was just “sick”.  Never would have imagined that over two years later this is where I’d be.  It’s literally impossible to have imagined this is what’s happening.

Play that Safety Suite OR ELSE!

Geez, Memphis gets his first HoH ever and he becomes a bit more Machiavellian than really needed…and honestly, wasn’t very good at being Machiavellian as the main point of Machiavellian strategy is to not really let the other person(s) be aware they’re getting Machiavellied.  Can I say Machiavelli anymore?  NO, I’m done.

That’s kind of Memphis’ face the entire episode.   He was grimacing while explaining his evil plan of encouraging / forcing as many people as possible to play for Safety Suite, and then even when he revealed his top-secret, dastardly, no-way-anyone-would-ever-figure-out-his-ulterior-motive plan that then only he (and his trusted alliance mates) would be able to play next week (the last week).   NO ONE WILL EVER FIGURE THIS OUT.

Except for everyone, of course.   Dani here was no fool, neither were the Nicoles.  I think others realized what he was up to but also just didn’t want to take a chance not to go for it.   And then Memphis has to make it not look like he and Cody are in an alliance so I guess that’s why Cody ended up playing for it, and it’s like, isn’t it obvious to everyone in the house where the alliance lines are drawn?  Anyway.

Have-Not Ceremony

We get a new wrinkle in how Have Nots will be determined this season – the 4 Have Nots will name their replacements.   Ooo snap.  It can’t be yourself or any of the current Have Nots, and this honestly kind of is great as I think there was a pattern sometimes that you’d end up getting screwed for weeks on end being a Have Not.   Anyway, Memphis names David….

….and that won’t be the last time David’s name comes out of Memphis’ mouth in the guise of giving David an All Stars Big Brother experience.   Ian names Nicole F (although she volunteers to keep him from stressing about it), Nicole A names Christmas, and finally Kevin names Kaysar.

The Safety Suite is Open

Big Brother amped up the drama a lot this week regarding the hour of Safety Suite open registration.  A lot of convos were happening as Memphis kept up his ‘you all better play for Safety Suite as my mind is not made up yet!’ shtick.  To NicolA, he laid that down and she was turned off by it and ended up not swiping.   Plenty others did though, including David, Bayleigh, Cody, Ian, Kevin, Christmas and DaVonne.  We still have to wait for the competition though, so more convos happen…

….this one with the Queen and Memphis occurs, giving me a sense of some hope that Janelle won’t go out this week?   Obviously she and Kaysar could easily be getting set up for a backdoor situation, but she is working the angle hard that they’re both Old School players and there are better targets than her and Kaysar.  It’s true, but still.  Work your magic, Janelle!

There’s also this conversation between Ian and Christmas which pays off very soon, as he wonders if Christmas would use the +1 on him if she were to win.   She is good with that idea and privately thinks working with Ian will help hide her true alliance but also allow her to play some moves just for her.   It’s smart and could pay off down the road.   It certainly pays off for Continue reading Play that Safety Suite OR ELSE!

Week 1 Ends and Janelle is Still There

Oh, wasn’t it clear that this is just a Janelle fan page?  Honestly, all headlines are probably going to just be in relation to her status.  When she gets evicted, consideration will be made if we even continue writing.  Yes, I just wrote “we” rather than “I” as one person alone isn’t enough to write about Janelle and if I need to manifest other personalities, so be it.

Anyway, not that I get out of the house much, but it really is hard to motivate myself to write a Wednesday AND Thursday post.   So here we are, on Sunday, and I should probably quickly catch up.   Honestly, not too much really happened?

In the Wednesday Veto Episode, a lot of potential alliances were being made, but I have way too much BB experience to put too much faith in any of them, even the likely ones such as Cody and Nicole F and/or Dani.  Things always change.   Anyway, in the Veto Comp, Cody was hot:

Not a surprise.  The competitors had to rock a banana to charge a timer (and something else, if you know what I mean….) and then go and try to stack vegetable-shaped puzzle pieces and have the largest stack.   Also, pay attention to your timer as you have to re-rock the banana to get more time.   See Enzo:

It’s a lot to take.   So many people time out during this competition, including Cody and Ian.  Enzo locks in a good score of 18 and Kevin HAS HIM BEAT at one point, but then he decides to continue playing as Keesha is still in the comp and then his stack falls and it’s like, dude WTF.   You had the win, take it.  Anyway, Enzo wins Veto.

And does Enzo use Veto? Continue reading Week 1 Ends and Janelle is Still There

Nothing Like a Kaysar & Janelle Team-Up

Man, I love the hell out of these two.  Their awesomeness is not unnoticed by everyone else in the house though as they easily become two juicy targets to take out, especially as the house starts shaking out along battle lines.   There’s Cody and Nicole F (who strangely are allies now?), along with potentially Tyler and Memphis?   Then there’s Kaysar and Janelle, and then everyone else – those others aren’t floaters but it’s just too damn early to say yet.

Anyway, Cody’s plan this week?   Nominate Kaysar and Janelle.  Shocker.   It sucks for my enjoyment as I love these two, and it seems like there’s going to be another new-school vs old-school showdown brewing like what happened on Survivor this past season.   It would be great if old-school gets the upper hand this time, but we’ll have to see if that plays out.

Well, just as Cody thinks his week won’t be too stressful, we learn about the “Safety Suite.”  Everyone is given VIP Passes to BB’s hottest club:  Safety Suite.   Over the next 3 weeks, the Safety Suite will be open for one hour each week – you can decide to scan your pass at the door and you enter yourself in to compete for that week’s competition.  The prize?  Safety for the week.  Also, you get to take a “+1” and that person also gets safety.   It’s like this twist was specifically made to help keep Super Targets safe!?  The downside?   You can only use this pass once, and if you lose, you don’t get to try again later.  Oh, and the “+1” gets a punishment.

This week’s easy targets, Janelle and Kaysar

So, the Safety Suite opens up for the week and absolutely everyone is terrified of making the move to swipe in.  It does indicate you feel you’re not safe and you’re willing to do something about it….which YEAH.  That’s exactly the point of this whole thing.  Don’t put your fate in someone else’s hands.   Both Kaysar and Janelle saw right through Cody’s noncommittal blahblahblah to them when they individually talked to him and could tell they were in trouble.   But neither of them move to go swipe in.   It’s not until literally 30 seconds are left when Kaysar gets up, goes upstairs, and swipes in at literally the last second.   Janelle is right there with him and swipes in too.

Thoughts:  where the hell was anybody else from Cody’s “side” of the house to mitigate this quite obvious possibility?  Like, was no one thinking about the fact that if just Kaysar and Janelle compete, unless they both absolutely fuck up in the comp, which hello, both of them are comp beasts, that means they’ll both be safe?   Where was Nicole F or Tyler or Memphis shadowing them and being the spoiler???  I’m glad they didn’t, but I’m still staggered at this non-play by that side.   Also, some have speculated why did Janelle even bother playing at all if it was likely that she would be Kaysar’s “+1”?  I think her concern is that if Kaysar lost, she’d be fucked.  It seems there was a time limit to the comp and a time out was entirely possible.  So it was best to just hedge bets and stay in the game rather than pray Kaysar didn’t lose.

Come Through, Safety Suite!

In an enormous lounge area somewhere on the studio stage, BB built up a big DJ booth for the competition.   The goal was to be the fastest to recreate the “Twinkle, Twinkle” remix by pressing the right buttons that contained the various pieces of music found in the remix.  Kaysar went first, followed by this Confident Queen:

Janelle’s swagger knows no bounds.  The animated GIF of her entering and throwing her jacket on the chair is just…chef’s kiss.

Anyway, neither timed out, and our winner? Continue reading Nothing Like a Kaysar & Janelle Team-Up

Big Brother is BACK!!

Is it weird that the world is suffering through a pandemic and one of the brighest sources of comfort for me is a dumb, addictive reality TV show?  If so, don’t care.   I can’t tell you how happy it made me to watch this first episode of Season 22 – which also happens to be the first All-Stars Season that Big Brother has had since Season 7 way back in 2006.  Two thousand SIX.  I was in Colorado Springs still and in the Air Force!   I hadn’t met Larry yet.  I’ve lived an entire life since the last All Stars, and that life has admittedly completely crumbled and withered away in that time too, but hey, this brings me joy, so I’m going to embrace it.

I’m stoked that friends also are obsessed – so we’ve set up a draft for this year.   I think I got some good picks, and while some live feeds info makes me wonder if I’ll end up doing good long term with my picks, it’s always way too early to make that kind of call.  If you want to peek at what we’re doing, click here to our Google Slides about it.

Anyway, let’s meet our houseguests!

Our first 4 HGs: Nicole F, Daniele, Da’Vonne and Christmas

The first 4 houseguests to enter are Nicole F, Daniele, Da’Vonne and Christmas.   It’s a surreal thing to see this brand new, gorgeous exterior studio and it’s utterly empty.   No studio audiences in the Age of Covid, and as you can see, the HGs have their masks on still.  These folks have been quarantined for 2 weeks to ensure that once they go in to the house, they’ll not be spreading anything inside.   It’s crazy but necessary.  It was a 2 hour episode, so after some chit-chat, Julie had these first 4 go in and compete in a semi-final for HoH.  It was a ball maze puzzle and only the first 2 to complete it would go forward and compete for HoH.

You had to maneuver the ball into the right hole that answered the question your group got. Christmas here was the only one who made it.

Only Christmas made it to the finals in this group.  What I seemed to notice was that in these groupings, the girl groups all had to go for the rear part of the puzzle while the guy groups had mid-way targets.  Kind of bullshit.

The 2nd group of four

Our second group in was Kevin, Tyler, Ian and Enzo. Kevin and Ian were the ones who made it to the finals.

The third group of four

The next group of four was the last of the girls:  Nicole A, Janelle, Bayleigh and Keesha.

muthafuckin’ Janelle!

This queen is welcome to be on every single season of Big Brother, at least if I have my say.   Same for Britney.  She, along with Kaysar, are from the earliest season represented in the cast (BB6), and you know she’s still a threat to go super far.  I hope she can take it all, but she’s not exactly under the radar.   None of these people are tbh, yet Janelle stands tall as a BB MegaStar. Get it Queen!   LOL tho, only Nicole A was able to complete the ball puzzle.  D’oh!

What were we talking about?  Continue reading Big Brother is BACK!!

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