End of the Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a nice morning – Michancy helped us to file for Full Disability for Larry.   Also talked with her about establishing a trust, which may be necessary although we have most big things shared already.  I think having our wills in place is important, but we are going to look into maybe talking to a trust attorney.  Alas, Michancy was flying back today, and hopefully it’s less stressful this time than coming in.  I dropped her off at Burbank just now, and there was a great amount of traffic but most of it was Uber and Lyft as there were a TON of people arriving today.  Dropping off was easy.

Once back, then Nicki came over as did Jon & Alyssa with the girls.   It was a lot of fun.   First, Nicki & I played a game of Santorini, and I think I got her hooked. I won.  We then watched, via Nicki’s Sony Screeners app, the latest Charlie’s Angels movie, which honestly, just wasn’t all that good.  But free!   It was a tough day though, as Alyssa and I talked about things at a much more visceral level.  If Larry dies, I think it’s agreed he’ll be buried back east.  I hope I can get a space near him. Had a wonderful time though overall, and Jon & Alyssa made us all dinner.  At night, Larry & I got to watch the latest Watchmen, and goddamn that show is amazing.

It’s currently the end of Thanksgiving weekend, and it’s been a whirlwind.  In a good way.

Scrabble Saturday

It was a very chill day.   Michancy has been staying with us for the weekend, along with Fran and Joel.  Larry’s energy level was pretty low as is to be expected in the mornings and early afternoon.  After I made some pancakes, and even Larry had some, Fran and Joel joined Jon, Alyssa, Stacey and Rachel for fun at the LA Zoo.  I did not want to go as my lower back was still tight and walking that much is not comfortable.  So Michancy and I stayed back (did yoga to help relieve my lower back and I think it helps) and hung out.  Watched a lot of TV – Mandalorian, Castle Rock, and then ST:TNG.  Good stuff.  Got Chipotle for the crew, and then folks started streaming back home.  It was nice.  Sounds like the LA Zoo was a hit.  Mila ended up coming over around 5 to visit, and it was a very nice evening.  Larry’s energy was up by then, which was great.  Played Scrabble w/ Michancy – I won.  :-).  Larry did a rendition of the Christopher Walken Census sketch from SNL and it was like, there he is, there’s Larry.  He’s so skinny.

Day After Thanksgiving Fun

This was a fun day after Thanksgiving.  No Black Friday craziness.   Jon/Alyssa came over in the morning.   Michancy, Jon & I went to Target, a pot dispensary, and a wine store to stock up on stuff.   Then in the afternoon, we went to see Frozen 2 at the Universal AMC.   Larry and Michancy stayed back.   Frozen 2 was very fun.  The first Frozen is still probably the better of the two, but undeniably entertaining regardless.  In the evening, we played Pictionary, which Larry was able to enjoy too.  Drank a good amount of wine that night.

A Full House for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving!   This was a long day.   It was raining fairly steadily that day, continuing the fun from yesterday’s intense amount of rain.   Was able to relax in the morning but then went to go and pick up mom (Michancy came with) from Duarte for some Thanksgiving fun.  Happily traffic in LA during Thanksgiving weekend is basically amazing, so no issues except for having to drive in lots of rain.  Mom was ready, of course, with the way this year has been for her, it’s just sad to not see her the same as she was just a year ago.  Regardless, got her back here.  Nicki was here by then and she had brought an insane spread of food as appetizers.  Insane.   Every platter had individual labels. She’s too good for all of us.

Jon and Alyssa were flying in this day, as that was the only time they could get seats for all 4 of them (including Stacey and Rachel) together.   So they weren’t coming in till later that day, so we ended up doing a bit of a 2-stage dinner as my mom just really isn’t able to relax or wait.  Even though she had brought soup with her, and she ate it, it was already ‘when are we eating turkey’?   I wonder if it’s social anxiety at this point and she doesn’t know how to deal with people anymore so she’d rather just eat and get it done with.  Anyway, that’s what happened – we got the turkey heated up along with potatoes and green beans, and the food was great, but we had all been snacking on the spread Nicki had brought so I didn’t eat with her, although I sat with her.  That was around 3, and once she ate, she basically was ready to go home.  So Michancy & I drove her home and then we were back around 4:30 or so, and by then, Jon & Alyssa had arrived.

It was great to see everyone.  We had a very nice dinner with everyone, with people spread out across the living room eating.   So much for needing the card table – at least I was ready just in case.  What was funny was that General Tso, Bugsy, and Tigger were very popular with Stacey and Rachel.  Sveta then came over while we were all recovering and after Jon & Alyssa had left back to their hotel, which was nice.

Michancy Arrives!

Michancy arrived!   The effort was a little more than expected as she flew in to Burbank to keep things easier, but her flight got diverted to Ontario as the weather was such shit that day.  So while I had gone to Burbank to pick her up in the morning, that was for nothing.  So while that situation was getting sorted out, Joel and I went to Whole Foods in Sherman Oaks to pick up my Thanksgiving order – surprisingly, it wasn’t the shit show I was expecting.   Sure, the parking lot was crowded but what is nuts is that somehow you can get a spot there.   I think because it’s a smaller store that you really aren’t chilling there, you’re shopping and going.  Anyway, our order was ready pretty quickly and we were back home to store the goods in the refrigerator, which was nicely empty after clearing it out on Monday night to try to make sure we didn’t have an insane trash situation and get everything out for the Tuesday pickup.   With last week’s skipped trash situation, it was a bit of stress.   Today was also the day for Larry to get his portable pump removed – I had expected to be able to go but Michancy’s flight was now hopping over from Ontario to Burbank at that time, so I instead picked her up while Fran and Joel went with Larry to take care of that (and get my caregiver leave forms, which frustratingly were only half done but happily Fran caught that before leaving).  By the evening, we were all home and happy to be inside due to the rain!

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