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No Time To Die

This trailer for the latest James Bond movie, No Time to Die, is fucking epic.

I got chills just from watching it as you get to see a whole lot more than what we saw in the first trailer released soooooo long ago. I imagine the majority of my chills come from thinking Larry would have been so fucking excited to see this movie.   I cried after watching the trailer this morning for that very reason.  Do I want to go see this in “November”?  Yes.   Will I?   ….probably not, because I’m not ready to go back and be amongst a ton of people.   It’ll make its way to the home experience soon enough and I am more than fucking satisfied with the set up I have here.

Anyway, this looks like a great time and here’s hoping there’s no more family bullshit to deal with in the Bond universe.   All hands are on deck and let’s rock this.   Here’s the previous trailer:

A Knives Out Wednesday

I went into PwC DTLA today to get my laptop issues resolved.  Took some time but it was a nice mental break, although I couldnt’ stop from crying when I visited with Derrick briefly.  It was also raining like crazy today, which made it annoying.  Larry got gaggy as I had asked for him to shower today, which he hadn’t done for quite a while.   The stress of the shower itself is a lot, and I’ve already bought a shower seat for him, as well as brought up a chair for him to sit on if necessary in the bathroom.  I got home around 1 with lunch, and then played some Jedi Fallen Order, which is a GREAT video game.   I also was weak and bought myself a Valve Index VR kit for my computer.   I won’t get it probably till next year.  Oh well, my Christmas gift to myself, I guess?  I was texting with Nicki today and I think the thing I’d like to get for Larry is a wedding album finally.  I think that will mean more than some thing.  Who knows.   Anyway, we then finally got to see Knives Out!

It was a lot of fun, and I am so happy that Rian Johnson is making great movies.  I still absolutely love watching The Last Jedi.  Such a great movie.  Nicki joined us for that at our Cinemark theater right here which is just fantastic.   Who would think that from how it looks on the outside, but it is wonderful little theater.  Will be interesting to see if the NoHo West has a movie complex there when it opens?  Could signal the end for this one?   But the prices here are just incredibly cheap and the seats are all recliner, which makes it lux.   Tomorrow we go to Santa Monica UCLA to sign the paperwork and get the clinical trials started.

Oh also the new James Bond movie trailer came out for ‘No Time to Die’.   Looks intriguing so far!

It was a Bond, James Bond Day

Friday, Sept 16, 2016 – Day 3 of London

<– Previously, we’d been bussed all around Southern England!

This was a fun day.  We were able to sleep in a little bit (not much), as we had tickets to the London Film Museum’s exhibit “Bond in Motion” – a collection of Bond cars and vehicles from throughout the movies.  Started at 10am, which was our window (although from having visited there now, I don’t think it was quite necessary to buy the tickets in advance; better safe than sorry).  So we got a quick breakfast in at the nearby Starbucks, then walked over to the museum.  Yeah, walked, as our hotel is so centrally located.  Walked through the West End, seeing the theaters for Aladdin and Harry Potter on the way there.  It was also raining slightly, which was about time as London is supposed to have some rain! It also was nice for it to be cool a little as it’s been pretty damn hot/warm here and in Paris!

Anyway, we got to the exhibit and it was absolutely amazing.  Everything was laid out in a great fashion and there were so many important cars to the series present, from the Aston Martins, the Rolls Royces, Jaguars, etc.  Quite amazing, and I took lots of pictures.  Larry bought lots of cool things too, including the guide book.  We also got a few shots with the life size Connery mannequin up front.  Just spectacular the whole thing.  Well worth coming to London for!!!! 

So….let’s try to break these pictures down in some kind of order…first, getting to the London Film Museum via the route shown above:

The Foyer of the Exhibit:

MI:6 Mock-up from The World Is Not Enough:

You Only Live Twice:

Heading down into the main exhibit…

Heading down into the main floor of the exhibit

The main floor of what was shown was simply spectacular.  Almost every vehicle you’d expect to see was there, seriously.

A View To A Kill:

Goldeneye / Goldfinger:

The Aston Martin DB5s shown here had a model version based off of the Goldfinger one, as well as a real car that was used in Goldeneye.

Die Another Day:


The Living Daylights:

The World Is Not Enough:

Quantum of Solace:

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service:

Diamonds Are Forever:

The Spy Who Loved Me:


For Your Eyes Only:

The Man With the Golden Gun:

Casino Royale:

Various Odds & Ends:

Just saying – this was the best collection of James Bond cars you could ever hope to see.

The James Bond Walking Tour

But that wasn’t the end of our James Bond adventures today.  So after the London Film Museum exhibition, we came back to the hotel to drop off the new goodies we’d just bought, then headed back out to Charing Cross Station as at 2pm, we were joining up for a James Bond Walking Tour!!!  Holy crap, this is quite an amazing and somewhat grueling walk, as you walk a LOT.  Starting at Charing Cross, you get some insight into how the underground sections were used quite frequently, especially for the chase scenes in Skyfall. 

We then meandered through London to various locales that were used in Spectre and Skyfall before heading to the National Gallery Museum right near Trafalgar Square.  Got a lot of backstory on the filming there as well as the use of art, especially in Skyfall.  The use of the various paintings, combined with the accounts of Admiral Nelson in the battle of Trafalgar and how those were analogous to James Bond and M’s demise….holy shit, it was amazing.  Then when in the National Gallery (didn’t know we’d be going in there!), we saw not only where Q and James Bond meet for the first time in Skyfall, but also the painting that James Bond notices in Dr. No, which at the time in the 60s had just been stolen.   AWESome.

Heading to Charing Cross for our James Bond Walking Tour

In Charing Cross’ Tube Station & Outside Rules

Off to Trafalgar Square

And Inside the National Portrait Gallery

After leaving the museum, we walked through Trafalgar Square and over to the Admiralty Gate which faces Buckingham Palace.   These were the scenes of other M:I6 locations in the movies, which was a lot of fun.  The guide was just such a great source of knowledge and energy!   

We then walked over through the Whitehall street area which is a huge place for Skyfall, passing 10 Downing Street too.  After getting a great shot in the middle of the street that matches Bond’s chase of Silva down the street, we all then hopped on a red London Bus (which I’d been wanting to do!!! Score!) and rode the route down to a station right across the Thames from where the MI:6 building actually is and what you see in the movies.  That was where the tour ended, and it was just a blast to have gone on it.  Seriously.  Amazing!!!   

Through Trafalgar Square to the Admiralty Gate

Walking Around the Whitehall Area:

And then near 10 Downing Street, with some Action Shots:

The double-decker red bus took us down the Thames so we could get the across-the-river view of MI:6.  It was awesome.

MI6 along the Thames

The day wasn’t over yet!

We walked across the Vauxhall Bridge to the Tube station there, taking it back to the Westminster area as we had a Champagne Experience on the London Eye at 7.  But that wasn’t for a few hours, so we ended up finding a place called Slug & Lettuce to eat at, which was a bit of a more corporate looking place to eat.  It worked for us, although the food wasn’t anything special to write home about.  After that, we got checked in at the London Eye for the Champagne Experience, which was okay.  The time was good as the twilight was ending and the lights were coming on, and we got a glass of champagne and the host was very helpful with taking pictures of us.  It was a good time but we were definitely getting tired. 

Heading Back to the London Eye Area

The Champagne Experience on the London Eye at Sunset

We’d been on our feet most of the day, but that didn’t stop us from walking back to see what’s what.  We crossed the Golden Jubilee Bridge and then meandered through the West End and SoHo again, finding Chinatown this time as well as the gay bar area.  

Oh yeah, also found a gelato place that made the coolest rose formation of ice cream in a cone for you.  It was delightful, and Delicious.


That was an action-packed day, to say the least.

Honeymoon Picture Pages:

SPECTRE / Bridge of Spies

Movies!  We’ve seen a few lately! Must briefly talk about them!

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SPECTRE (2015)

Saw this on November 7, 2015 at the TCL Chinese Theater in glorious IMAX

Mixed reviews be damned, SPECTRE was pretty damn fun and was a great entry into the James Bond franchise.  The setup of the plot is that even though you may have thought Skyfall finished setting up the pieces so that James Bond can go and do some spy shit out there unencumbered by the shackles of his past, you’re not quite right.  In fact, a message from an old friend spurs James on to get to the bottom of things (coughBLOFELDcough) and learn that the last 3 movies had a throughline to them that even he didn’t realize.  Anyway, we get taken through Mexico City (the much-lauded Day of the Dead sequence is breathtaking and is one of the more tense scenes in recent Bond history), London, Rome (ah, ROME!!!  It was great to see it again even if in movies), the Austrian mountains (definitely had a On Her Majesty’s Secret Service vibe) and the Moroccan desert in spectacular fashion as James goes on the hunt for the guy behind it all.  It’s awesome.  There’s plenty of over-the-top action setpieces, good James Bond humor, bad-ass villains, and of course Bond Girls for those who care.  🙂  I know I enjoyed the movie as did Larry, and the presentation of it at the Chinese Theater was phenomenal.

Wonderfully, we also got to see the full trailer for The Force Awakens and it was absolutely magical.  There were many rounds of applause just for that trailer.

BRIDGE-OF-SPIES-Poster-e1433542435366-677x400Bridge of Spies (2015)

Saw this on Oct 31, 2015 at the Pacific Theaters in Americana.

It’s a little strange when a Steven Spielberg movie seems to have minimal buzz around it, right?  Because while there were ads for this movie on TV (I remember because what caught my attention is the super-hot guy who plays Gary Powers shown in the ads) you don’t really get the sense that this is a STEVEN SPIELBERG picture.  It looks almost generic.  But damn, that’s a really inaccurate impression to have as this movie was pretty great.  It is set in the 50s & early 60s when the Cold War was in full swing.  Tom Hanks, amazing as always, portrays James Donovan, an insurance lawyer who gets enlisted into providing legal defense for an accused Russian spy.  He takes it on even though he knows it makes him wildly unpopular, but he believes that the US should give all accused a fair shake.  Little does he know that his work is only beginning as he gets further enlisted to help when Gary Powers gets shot down in his U-2 aircraft over the Soviet Union; also over in Berlin, Germany, the Wall is going up and an American student is caught on the wrong side and is accused of being a spy.  Donovan becomes the unofficial means for the US to figure out a way to get both Americans back from the Germans and Russians.  It’s an absolutely fascinating look at the world then.  It’s a time we don’t really get much in movies anymore, so to see the hostile and frankly now-unbelievable world of East vs West Berlin is jarring.  I don’t doubt that Bridge of Spies will get some Academy recognition but I also wouldn’t be surprised if it’s low-key nature means it gets somewhat overlooked.  But YOU should make sure to go see it.  If only just to see this hottie:

14Okay, also go see it for the amazing true-life story of James Donovan.  It’s kind of incredible it all happened.

“Writing’s On the Wall” Tease


SPECTRE comes out in November (EVERYTHING AWESOME IS COMING OUT IN NOVEMBER!) and we’re now finally approaching the point in time when the theme gets released.  Today is the preview of some music, and it’s suitably orchestral and James Bond-y!   Larry & I are both interested to see where the actual song goes – but that mystery isn’t going to be solved for a few more days.