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Ready to Start

Start what?  Obviously not my Amazing Race recaps, but even with all the upcoming craziness of a new job and a new home, I will do my best to get those taken care of!  I guess what I am actually referring to is that it’s time to start up whatever this next chapter will be!  I got my haircut taken care of this morning; I got all those items that I had set aside for Goodwill actually over to Goodwill.  Things are happening.  I recognize my anxiety and am ready to deal with it on a daily basis, and it won’t stop me from getting shit done.  Part of me wishes I had a bit more time to not work, as this has been kind of nice.  But getting paid is even nicer!

So I’m off to Atlanta on Sunday for orientation and coming back Wednesday night.  One step at a time!

You Better Work…

Whether it’s RuPaul calling us all to arms with “Supermodel (You Better Work)” or Britney telling us that if we want the lux life, “(You Better) Work Bitch” – I know that I’ve got to work for the life that I youbetterwork_bradybunch_rupaulwant for me and Larry.  Work hard.  And I’m fully and completely ready to do so – but I’m so damn anxious and scared about the near future and it’s unknown status as to what life will be like at PwC.  And of course, this isn’t exactly a new thing in human nature. Everyone gets nervous about a new workplace, and I’m not special.  But dammit, this feels huge.  HAHAHAHAHA, so to speak.

I guess it feels “bigger” to me as I know that PwC has a huge and impressive reputation.  I don’t want to disappoint either the company or myself.  So I’m stressing about things I can’t do anything about as I don’t even know what there is to stress out about!  Man, I need to chill.  Larry pointed out that I had this same kind of stress when I joined NBC, and it’s TRUE.  That was another huge change and one of those transitions where I was going to a huge corporation and a well-known one and I was moving away to a brand new city (New York City!) where I knew absolutely no one.  So yeah, I guess I’ve been here before.  And in today’s situation, I’ve at least got the fact I’m not moving ….er, well, at least not to a new city without knowing a soul, and I’ve got Larry, and my friends, family, etc.  So it’s actually not too terrible – but the “fog of war” is big right now and I’m anxious.  I wouldn’t call it “scared” though, just anxious.

Once my orientation in Atlanta begins on Monday, I’m sure I’ll get into the zone.  I always do.  And I am ready to be uber-charming and super-Hobie as I think that is what is expected and I am ready to deliver.  It’s all so exciting, scary, and new.  I love it and I dread it.  🙂  You know what though, this is awesome stuff all around.  And then we’re moving to a really sweet complex next month and man, I can not wait for that.



The Next Chapter is Starting

No sooner did I finish writing up my previous post today about Big Bear did I get some fantastic news!   After about 2 months of interviews and stressful waiting, I finally got the word from PwC (Price Waterhouse Cooper) that I got the job!!!!  I am so thankful and relieved and excited and psyched!

This first morning of (f)unemployment was a bit nuts for me as I realized that I still didn’t have a clear idea of what I was going to do now even if my $$ situation wasn’t dire.  I had resolved to get into a rhythm of doing online learning and making sure I was being productive, only allowing myself to game or such as a reward later in the day.  I’d done some work on Udemy and then did the pictures post as my reward when I saw on the side of my site that my Missy Elliott/Under Construction post was in my ‘popular posts’ section.  I clicked through and immediately knew I wanted to watch the linked “Gossip Folks” video.  It was about halfway through the video and right when Ludacris begins his rap when my phone rang….and the rest is history.  It’s such a fucking relief…..and here’s to 2015 continuing in this vein.  “Gossip Folks” definitely went from a favorite song to a “lucky” song!

Rando Tuesday Stuff

Yeah, I said ‘rando’.

Nothing too crazy to report on but I did have a pretty great interview at noon, hopefully leading to a next round of stuff.

Anyway, this animated GIF is everything to me right now:

KvqKK8qPerfectly captures the emotions of the Twin Peaks news.  Still can’t believe this is happening but the fact is it is going to be a LONG time to wait.  Patience patience patience!  Also have to do my best to keep my expectations in check.  Because here’s the thing – in my mind, the story for the 9-episode run in 2016 HAS to focus on saving “Good Dale Cooper” from the Black Lodge.  In the course of that story, I think we’ll get some answers to the other cliffhanger’d issues (did Ben die?   did Audrey die in the bank?  did Ed stay with Nadine?  Will Josie’s fate be made more clear?  HOW’S ANNIE???) but first and foremost, get Dale out of the Black Lodge.  Explore what Bad Dale has been up to in the past 25 years. Maybe have a happy ending?  I’d hate for Dale to end with Leland’s fate.

HuffPost_AmazingRaceOn the other end of my pop culture leanings, Huffington Post had a nice story about how The Amazing Race is actually made.  I’ve read some of this stuff before but it sounds insane the amount of work needed to make this show function.  It’s also a testament to how good the camera guy and sound guy are for EACH team that you rarely notice their presence.  Only when you think about the fact that when in cars, you always see one racer driving and the other in the backseat, as the camera guy has to sit in the passenger seat while the sound guy is in the backseat.  Well, until I can actually get on the show myself, I’ll content myself with gazing at it from afar in my Amazing Race write-ups.