The Old Site (2001 – 2008)

Because I do love to ensure that nothing, absolutely NOTHING, I’ve written is lost to the winds of change, here is a link to my old site that I hosted on different servers through the years, before I made the switch to the MobileMe service.  Of course, now that that’s going away, and was kind of lame to be honest, here I am hosting my site again.  Just this time, things are a lot more useful via the WordPress mechanism.

Link to the goodness:


One reply on “The Old Site (2001 – 2008)”

Hey Hobe….Love the new format. Great move. I wish I had the energy and interest to blog. I’m glad you blog, tho, otherwise I’d never know what the hey you’re up to. Sounds like life is going well for you and Larry. Was in NYC in October for a few days. I kept asking people if they knew my nephew. Fat chance. You sure you lived there? Call or write, or just send a check. Love, your uncle.

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