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Update, 7 Aug 2014:  I’m going to work on making this link usable for finding all my writing about Amazing Race, Survivor and of course, Big Brother.   There’s a lot of work ahead to make that a reality, as most of them are just posts on this site, as well as pages I made on my old site.  I also have to finish the work of getting my RealityNewsOnline pages all put up locally.  I am finally doing this work as I realized after working on the Travelogue section that I also had all this writing just floating out there with no real easy organization.  Well, here goes!!!

Update:  Because the owner of the RealityNewsOnline site got tired of managing the site while also trying to manage his own life, the site is now dead.  I managed to save all my articles before the site disappeared, so I’ve put them up here for my own sense of posterity.  Believe that these truly were on a site independent from my own and that I was showered with praise and adoration when each installment was released.

I’ve also played a bit with the menu system built within the WordPress toolkit.  I’m leaving this comprehensive list here, because why not, but I’ve also built up the menu so that each season is readily navigable.

I was able to wrangle the opportunity to write for Reality News Online, which is a site that covers nearly every reality show out there.  I remember first reading it back when Survivor just started as there were so many cool articles about strategy, Why So-and-So Lost, etc.  As shows like Amazing Race and Big Brother also were covered, it was definitely a good resource for recaps but also strategy.  Seriously, if you ever plan on being on one of these shows, well, you’d do well to study!  There was a notice on the page asking for people to submit samples to them at one point for new writers – I submitted links to all my old site’s Survivor and Amazing Race pages, not to mention my Forum.  I didn’t hear back immediately, but soon enough, I was tapped to write recaps of Amazing Race’s extra videos, which I’ve done now since Season 13.  I also did a few recaps of I’m a Celebrity…  I guess I just like to write!  Here are links to all my articles thus far at that site:

The Amazing Race, Season 20 (CBS)

The Amazing Race, Season 19 (CBS)

The Amazing Race, Season 18 (CBS)

The Amazing Race, Season 17 (CBS)

The Amazing Race, Season 16 (CBS)

The Amazing Race, Season 15 (CBS)

I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! (NBC)

The Amazing Race, Season 14 (CBS) 

The Amazing Race, Season 13 (CBS)  

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