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Getting Hitched: Getting Hitched!

There’s happily a whole YouTube recording of the ceremony because we wanted our friends and family who couldn’t make it, yet still wanted to see it, to have that ability.  Marie, our wedding coordinator, suggested this as an option and it worked pretty great.  It streamed live while it was happening while also recording it – which is how I can embed it here in this post.  Note, you can watch it here by just clicking the Play button, but it won’t let you watch it in full-screen unless you click on the YouTube icon on the bottom right to open up the video in a new tab.

Some timecode notes:

  • The first 22:30 minutes are of people arriving and sitting down, so while that actually is kind of cool to see, at least to me, you can drag the slider over and past that point and start to see when everyone is mostly sat down and Cantor Kerith comes out.
  • The entrance’s music is a little hard to hear as it comes in and out…not sure why, especially when the cantor’s words come out pretty clearly.
  • At 38:15 is when both Larry & I realize that the wedding rings are safely back in the “getting ready” room, followed shortly after by Kerith smoothly handling it and reassuring us it wasn’t a big deal.  Erin then offers to go get the rings and finds them like a champ!
  • 47:20 is when the MVP Nicki single-handedly catches the chuppah from collapsing in on itself due to increasing winds!  Still can’t believe her reflexes there, and she suitably impresses Kerith, who deftly includes some praise for good, quick friends!

We loved the ceremony and were so happy it went as well as it did!  I am so happy that Larry ended up finding the music we used to have as entrance music:  The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’s medley of “Waterloo”, “Fernando,” and “Dancing Queen.”   There were a couple of possibilities we bandied about leading up to this decision, but once Larry found this I think we were both immediately sold.  And the exit music of “I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do” was almost a no-brainer.

Here are some pictures from others during the ceremony!

I think there’s one more post ahead to post stuff related to the reception, and then after that will likely be a giant post, or set of posts?, to show the actual professional pics.  Still haven’t looked at them yet.  🙂

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