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Amazing Race 30 – 2 Head 2 Furious

Maybe delayed, but I’m still posting, dammit!  This latest leg on Amazing Race was fairly brutal, as the introduction of a new challenge type, Head to Head, guaranteed a dramatic finish.  And boy oh boy, did we get some drama.  I’ve not really had a reason to complain about the previous 29 seasons and how if you got to the Pit Stop last, after having had conquered a Roadblock, Detour, and other challenges, you’d have to confront the fact that your poor performance is leading to your likely elimination.  The Head to Head challenge acted as a gate before the Pit Stop – which is a glorious save for a team that is trailing the group.   Is it entirely fair?  I’m not so sure I think it is, but that chance to stay in the game is somewhat sporting.  Anyway, I don’t hate the new challenge, and I look forward to if it continues to show up and how often.  Is this like a U-Turn where it is an occasional thing, or will it be on every leg?  So many questions!

Amazing Race 30 – Leg 2:  Reykjavik, Iceland to Antwerp, Belgium

We left Iceland and again there was no competition about getting a better flight.   Making it so easy for these teams nowadays!  In my day, you had to spread misinformation and plead with ticketing agents to not issue tickets to others, dammit!  Anyway, everyone gets to Antwerp via Amsterdam, and taking an early lead are Cedric & Shaun, massively casting off their Leg 1 standings, and getting to the Roadblock first:

Roadblock:  Climb a Long-ass Ladder up to a Clue Hanging from a Crane

Oof.  I don’t know how well I would have done on that challenge.  The nervousness from climbing those heights on a rickety rope ladder as well as the physical fatigue is pretty harsh.  It does seem everyone managed it fairly well though, so maybe the support rope acted as a belay and helped pull you up too.

Once a team finished the Roadblock, they got their Detour clue with the choice being Diamonds or Fonts:

Detour:  Diamonds

I was kind of surprised that this was a challenge.  Not only are the teams handling actual diamonds worth tens of thousands of dollars, they also have to do MATH.  A calculator was blessedly provided as otherwise, I’ve no doubt some of the teams would still be there.  And based on the performance of some who chose this, even the calculator wasn’t that much help, as they had to pay attention to clarity and with all the fingerprints they left on the stones, it was throwing them off.

Detour: Fonts

This Detour option also required paying attention to detail, but the detail was to make sure you understood one major detail in that the type was reversed and upside down.  And if you were clever like some and used the shadows from the window, you could rip right through this.  Alas, some of the teams got massively hung up on this.  The Twin Firefighters were the key examples of this – they started on Fonts and could NOT figure it out, eventually switching to the Diamonds challenge.  That switch led them to be the last team in the standings…but fret not, Head to Head is here!

The First Head to Head

In this first instance of Head to Head, the first two teams to arrive would compete against each other in an obstacle course that required you to dress up as Belgian Fries and schlep a dolly of frozen fries around it.  Whoever wins that match wins the Leg!  The loser has to then race the next team to arrive, and so on.  The last race will be between whoever has just lost a match and that last team to arrive.  And if that last team can manage to win the match, voila, they stay in!

Cody & Jessica managed to arrive second after Cedric & Shaun, but Cody destroyed and got Team Big Brother their first (of many?) wins.  So as the teams kept rolling in, the major story of Head to Head was the awful feeling everyone had while watching Henry & Evan roll in around fourth…but then get utterly destroyed in the competition for like 7 straight competitions.  It was brutal to watch.  They were exhausted.  They got lucky, if you can call it that, by finally getting to race against a not so great team, the Goat Yoga ladies.  Exhausted and with plenty of experience under their belt by now, Henry felt got a win.  But it was very very close.  In the end, the Goat Yoga ladies didn’t have enough legs to figure it out as the Firefighters showed up last and due to pure strength, were able to power their way past Goat Yoga.

I’m of the mind that I understand this is a competition show, and if a new tweak is added, then you have to play and win.  The Firefighters won their way to stay, but their abysmal performance this leg definitely earned them an elimination.  Their elimination is likely coming soon as it doesn’t seem they’re a strong team yet.  And Goat Yoga was falling apart from Leg 1, so their elimination here isn’t a travesty by any means.  I guess I’m saying, a last place team always has a chance now…and I’m not sure I like that.

The Current Standings:

Amazing Race 30 – Yeah, I’m Hooked

I may have stopped recapping these for a while as life gets in the way as does motivation, but I never stopped watching the show.  And with a Cody & Jessica from Big Brother on this season, it was certainly going to get viewing rotation!

Amazing Race 30 – Leg 1:  New York, NY to Reykjavik, Iceland

So this season’s gimmick for casting is that every team is super competitive in whatever arena it is they do.  So there’s competitive eaters, Big Brother contestants, Indy 500 winners, etc.  I am not nearly motivated enough to care about all of the teams yet, but there are some standouts…including the cute Indy 500 winner and then these hotties:

I’m assuming they’re gay from their outfits, speaking voices, and hotness, and apparently they’re hip classical musicians too.  Please let them stay in this race for awhile, and let’s have a Turkish mud bath challenge please?

Anyway, we start this season at Washington Square Park in the Greenwich Village area of NYC, get introduced to the teams, and then they’re off to get their clues in the fountain and then over to JFK to fly to Reykjavik, Iceland.  No drama in getting tickets on a quicker flight, but we all know that shit’s coming in a later episode.   The early frontrunners are the Yale Debate Team (Henry & Evan) and surprisingly Big Brother (Cody & Jessica).

I say surprisingly as Cody & Jessica didn’t really make it that far in this past season of Big Brother, and managed to actively turn the entire house against them.  It was pretty astounding.  Jessica’s game was definitely hurt by Cody’s stubbornness and terrible gameplay instincts, as she had a serious chance, at one point, to do well in BB.  But she, along with many of us with eyes, got swept up by Cody’s looks and body and managed to utterly ignore the damage to her game he was causing.   But they’re still together so I guess maybe she’s not too unhappy with the results.  But based on their ending leg stumble which completely hinged on Cody’s stubbornness on where they were supposed to go, I’m predicting yet again that Cody hasn’t learned anything and will cause them to lose the $1MM grand prize at the end.  Guess we’ll see.

Detour 1

Once in Iceland, each team had to drive to this big ass waterfall that a steel-line had been strung across – with one of the team having to climb out and get an Icelandic flag and the other having to pull them back in.  I honestly think this challenge would be one I’d be able to do as most of the time, you have no chance to look down and see how high up you were.  Who knows, I could be full of shit.  Larry & I watch this and try to figure out who would do each Detour/Roadblock and there are some clearly suited for one or the other.  He immediately said he’d not be doing this particular one.

Detour 2

This detour is where things go all sorts of jumbled as the damnable Attention To Detail snared up nearly EVERY team…except surprisingly Cody.  To this twist of fate, I’ll only say that I think he got lucky, as while most figured out that while riding around in the little dune buggy and looking for letters, the small number associated with the letter indicated its position, it was the fact that there were two types of Os present that caused chaos.  If you luckily put your O with an accent in the right place, yay you!  And I KNOW that’s what Cody lucked into.  The poor basketball players though got super screwed by this challenge as he just did NOT see that there were differences in the Os.  Here’s where the typical Amazing Race errors are seared into teams’ brains, as if it’s not “Read the Fucking Clue” then it’s “Pay Attention to the Details” that will always get you.  Also, “Learn to Drive a Fucking Stick Shift” and “Figure out how to read a FUCKING MAP.”   I digress.   This Detour definitely allowed some people to make up some time while others like the Cute Indy 500 guy lost a few places.

There was another challenge where you had to find out some Icelandic beverages from clues that some super-weightlifters gave them, but it proved not to be all that big a deal except for some footage of some really shitty parking attempts.

What we did get though was a pretty epic Leg Finish.  Miss Iceland and Phil were there and greeted the Pro Lady Skiers (Kristi & Jen) as the winners of Leg 1 as stupid-ass Cody lost he & Jessica the lead getting lost wandering around Reykjavik.  I was so impressed that Cody & Jessica were about to win this leg and then OF COURSE he gets them lost.  Ridiculous.  But anyway, that’s not really the best part of this leg’s end, as in the end, it literally ended up a photo finish as the final two teams were having a foot race to the mat and I don’t think either realized they were in that position.

It really was like they stumbled into there and honestly, if the girl with the backpack in the picture above had dropped that damn bag LIKE SHE SHOULD HAVE AS SHE’S RACING FOR A MILLION DOLLARS, she probably could have outrun Yoga Goat Girls and beat the blonde woman to the mat.   But hey, if I had just studied European Flags some more or not bet like a dumbass in my one chance at Jeopardy, I could have possibly had at least ONE WIN on my belt.   So we all have our regrets.

In the end, I’m loving this season already and can’t wait for there to be a ‘who looks best in a speedo’ Detour that the Gay Orchestrators win in a landslide.

Dinner with Sharon, KBBQ, and Other News

Hi everyone, first off, I’m sick today and I hate it.  Fever and Stomach issues = FUN.   Honestly though, today has just been a good opportunity to take it easy, take some occasional naps, and catch up on some of last week’s TV!

Speaking of:

broad-city-season-3-clip-picBroad City, Season 3, Episode 1 – “Two Chainz”:  Abbi & Ilana came back just as funny as ever, and this crazy ordeal of their around NYC while trying to find a bathroom, release Ilana from her chains, and eventually get to Abbi’s friend’s gallery showing was absolutely amazing.  It just feels right that Broad City is back.

106310_d00614bSurvivor – Season 32 (Brawn vs Brains vs Beauty 2): Holy shit this first episode was loaded with brutality.  Whether it was everyone getting pummeled by the weather by Day 2, the woman who got a worm crawling around in her ear, the other woman who was having an anxiety attack, and some of the terrible moves by some players (looking for an Idol way too obviously; dropping the snorkeling mask immediately during the Immunity Challenge) – this was a very engaging episode.  We shall see if the claim this is the most intense season ever holds true, but if this episode is any indication, YEAH, IT IS.

The 11 new teams of social media influencers who will embark on the journey of a lifetime on the 28th season of THE AMAZING RACE which premieres Friday, Feb. 12 on the CBS Television Network. Top Row, L-R: Kurt and Brodie, Darius and Cameron; Second Row, L-R: Matt and Dana, Korey and Tyler, Hagan and Marty, Scott and Blair; Third Row, L-R: Sheri, Erin and Joslyn, Host Phil Keoghan, Zach and Rachel, Burnie and Ashley; Bottom Row, L-R: Cole, Jessica and Brittany Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2015 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
The 11 new teams of social media influencers who will embark on the journey of a lifetime on the 28th season of THE AMAZING RACE which premieres Friday, Feb. 12 on the CBS Television Network. Top Row, L-R: Kurt and Brodie, Darius and Cameron; Second Row, L-R: Matt and Dana, Korey and Tyler, Hagan and Marty, Scott and Blair; Third Row, L-R: Sheri, Erin and Joslyn, Host Phil Keoghan, Zach and Rachel, Burnie and Ashley; Bottom Row, L-R: Cole, Jessica and Brittany Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2015 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Amazing Race – Youtubers Edition:  I’ve actually been enjoying this season a lot more than I expected to.  The cast are all characters and there’s some very entertaining hotness to keep me occupied.  Man, some of the stupid things that racers have been doing!  Not buying plane tickets at the airport; not taking your taxi to the beach and having to run a mile each way; totally not reading the clues….yeah, I guess that kind of stuff happens every season!

So yeah, television has been interesting so far.

Anyway, very exciting yesterday was getting to have dinner with Sharon, my former NBC coworker and who lives in Israel but is in town for work. Love her to pieces and it was great to go to The Misfit in Santa Monica and enjoy catching up.  Here are the pics I took with us all getting back together (including George!).

Feb 20, 2016 – NBC Reunion at The Misfit

A little earlier in the week, we had a PwC worknight excursion to a Korean BBQ restaurant to celebrate getting through busy season.  Larry & I had been to previous KBBQ joints that the NBC crew had found and they were a bit different than this one, as the others were pretty much all all-you-can-eat and you grilled your own food.  This week’s version was not unlimited and they cooked for you…not altogether a bad way to go, but certainly surprising!

Feb 18, 2016 – PwC Korean BBQ night

Tomorrow is going to be a cool day – it’s our Engagement Photo session.  Here’s hoping I’ll be feeling closer to 100% than I am right now.  And here’s hoping I don’t like a goddamn mess in these photos.  But who am I kidding?

I Am Here for the Beefcake Race

Amazing Race 27 – Episode 1:  “A Little Too Much Beefcake”

I do declare that quote to be horrendously inaccurate.  There’s never enough beefcake, dammit!  NEVER.  And with these FOINE gentlemen on the race this season, I am quite content:

AR27_Ep1_HOT_TannerJoshI have no doubt that by the end of the season, we’ll find out they’re really a couple.  Because come on, look at that.  Trust that there will be more screencaps of Tanner & Josh.  Trust.

Where’d Everyone Travel To This Episode?

AR27_Ep1_OverviewMapStarting Point:  Venice, CA
Pit Stop for the Leg:  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Starting at Venice

I am having an internal struggle about whether to bother profiling the 11 teams, and I frankly don’t really care all that much about them individually yet.  You know, here’s what I’ll do…broad categorizations!

Seems Like They’ll Have a Shot:

Jazmine & Danielle
Justin & Diana
Logan & Chris
Tanner & Josh








Cannon Fodder For the Mid-Race:

Alex & Adam
Cindy & Rick
Denise & James Earl
Ernest & Jin
Kelsey & Joey








No Chance In Hell:

Tiffany & Krista
Kelly & Shevonne




So yeah, that about sums up what I’ve got in terms of feelings about these teams.   Obviously one of the “No Chance In Hell” teams, the TMZ team, is out after this first leg because they completely blew it at the Detour.  It was a little surprising to see that bad of a performance so soon – it’s a freakin’ SLIDE PUZZLE.  Come ON.  Anyway, I have now jumped the gun.  Let’s talk about Venice!

AR27_Ep1_Start_Phil AR27_Ep1_Start_TEamsPhil, who I must say I’ve missed since skipping the last season, welcomed our 11 new teams while out on the Venice beach.  He immediately told them that Rio was their next destination and also told them that an upcoming “bike race” in nearby Marina Del Rey would determine who would get on the first flight out.  Only the winner of that race would be on that flight too.   STRESS!

AR27_Ep1_Start_VeniceSo with his patented eyebrow arch, Phil set our new contestants off into the world, with everyone having a waiting taxi ready to take them to the first challenge.

AR27_Ep1_MarinaDelReyRaceTurns out, the “bike ride” was actually a water bike.  The hotnessDuo, Tanner & Josh, were so hot that they broke their bike and ended up coming in LAST at this point.  I suddenly got sad as I was like, of course, the hot guys are going to be stupid and mess up immediately.  In the meantime, WeepyMcGee (aka Justin) & Diana took the lead and the win (but just barely as Denise & James Earl were right behind them) and earned that sole spot on the first flight, which was supposed to give them a 30-minute advantage.


Sposeda is the cool way to write “supposed to” and what I’m using here to indicate that WeepyMcGee & Diana’s 30-minute lead evaporated due to flight times down to a 5-minute lead.  The other teams got in quicker than expected, so that advantage withered away.  They were still in the lead though and got to the clue box first, where a Fast Forward beckoned teams to take the chance.

AR27_Ep1_FF_NoBuenoThe Fast Forward would have involved hang-gliders if not for the dangerous winds, and as a hyper-competitive team would be expected to do, Justin & Diana went for it.  That of course backfired as the Fast Forward was cancelled and this put them automatically in the back of the pack.  AR27_Ep1_WeepyJustinWah wah.  Justin should be lucky I was nice and didn’t screencap when he was full-sob.  He should feel LUCKY!

Bienvenidos to Rio de Janeiro!

AR27_Ep1_RioVela AR27_Ep1_RioHomesEverybody else ended up racing to a heliport where they would get flown over and around the city.  Most were stunned by the sheer enormity of the housing and congestion mixed in with the stunning natural beauty of the area.  My friend went there and had an amazing time as it really is like another world.  A very fun, exotic world, but completely different from us in the U.S.  They got to buzz Christ the Redeemer and that was key to remember, as they were quizzed upon landing to name the landmark.

Off to the Detour!

There were puzzles and there was volleyball.  I’m sooooooo glad the HotnessDuo chose volleyball.  It was like Top Gun up in here.

AR27_Ep1_Detour_TannerJosh AR27_Ep1_Detour_TannerJosh2 AR27_Ep1_Detour_TannerJosh3HOLY HELL.  These two are ridiculous.  They came into their own in this Detour and pretty much annihilated it.  Also, Jazmine & Danielle came on strong here and made an impression.  Unfortunately for them, I like gawking at dudes and not the ladies, so alas, no screenshots of them.  But I do anticipate they’ll be around awhile so eventually you’ll see them!

On the sidewalk near the beach, the other Detour option was the slide puzzle.   It proved remarkably challenging for most.  I don’t get it.

AR27_Ep1_Detour_JasKrista AR27_Ep1_Detour_TMZdestroyedThose who chose this option pretty much all got frustrated at it.  But those who persevered and didn’t panic and understood how puzzles work made it through while these two teams here had major issues getting through this.  A slide puzzle.  a 4×3 slide puzzle.  ZOMG.  The TMZ girls ended up losing to the Cheerleaders and they noted astutely that they’ll never live this down – the timer in the corner when they finally solved it?  3 hours and 45 minutes.  WTF.

Winner Winner, My God They’re Hot

AR27_Ep1_PitStop_Team1 AR27_Ep1_PitStop_Bicep AR27_Ep1_PitStop_TannerJoshPhil welcomed the HotnessDuo with his Rio co-host and she was appropriately impressed with the specimens in front of her. That’s because she’s not blind.  Tanner & Josh not only were first but they also won this season’s Express Pass.   Phil explained that it had to be used by the end of the fifth leg (that seems earlier than previous seasons), and when they do use it, they then are required to give it to another team who has to use it in the next leg.  Hmmm…strategy!  It will be interesting to see how that Pass plays out.

AR27_Ep1_PhilEliminatesTMZ AR27_Ep1_LastPlaceAnd the TMZ women were so far behind when they finally solved the slide puzzle Detour that they didn’t actually have to go to the Pit Stop as Phil came to them.  No non-elimination this leg.  Honestly, they showed a super-catty side earlier in the leg and it wasn’t a fun catty – it was mean catty.  So I’m not sad to see them go.  Best of luck to them back at TMZ though.  They’re going to be annihilated.

This Leg’s Standings:

AR27_Ep1_Standings (1)


Amazing Race 25: I Couldn’t Resist

Leg 9 – November 28, 2014

I wasn’t able to stay away, after all.  This last show was incredibly well-edited and the challenges were fun and the race at the end to avoid elimination was nerve-wracking. This episode was a defining example of why I love the show and I ended up wanting to write about it again.

For now though, it’s going to be a transition period – no maps and none of my custom screenshots and graphics, except for the standings listings as I LOVE those.  Maybe next week’s post I’ll be back to full-Hobie on these posts, but for now, let’s just hit some highlights while using CBS-provided screenshots!

Flying to Singapore from Malta

There was an interesting tidbit noted by Jim in this episode:  once a flight has been booked, you’re committed to it.  That’s an interesting way to really make sure racers are ready to truly commit to a flight and a great source of drama, as it means you could see what happens when you find out your flight wasn’t the first to arrive.  Case in point, when Misti & Jim happily signed up for the same flight as Adam & Bethany without doing their own legwork and then being present for when Kym & Alli simply ask the question to the travel agent if there’s anything faster.  Turns out there was!   40 minutes earlier and now Kym & Alli were going to be out in front.

Fast Forward!

AR25_Ep9_FF_KymAliOof, this turned out to be a terrible decision, in hindsight.  Kym & Alli arrived in Singapore on the first flight along with Brooke & Robbie and Amy & Maya.  The first clue included a Fast Forward (for the first time in quite a while!) and Kym & Alli were feeling confident.  Unfortunately for them, this challenge was custom-made for Adam & Bethany….but maybe Kym & Alli could pull off staying up on a surfboard in this environment for 2 minutes?  Turns out they couldn’t, and in the process of trying repeatedly, Adam & Bethany’s flight arrived and they immediately knew that they had to at least go for it as they’re freaking SURFERS. Smart, reckless move that paid off as Kym & Alli were still there.  And sure enough, Adam & Bethany completed the challenge on their second try, meaning Kym & Alli were now in dead last.  D’oh!

Roadblock in the Clouds

AR25_Ep9_RoadblockMaybe not the clouds, but it was certainly very high up.  At a spectacular hotel where there’s a huge platform atop it on the 60th floor with a giant park, infinity pool, etc, the Roadblock was to cross from one tower to another on a spread cable.  It was nauseating.

Detours of Pain and Suffering

Both of these Detours had the teams dealing with some type of pain and suffering.

AR25_Ep9_Detour_CuppingIn the Cupping challenge, you had to get some brutal deep-tissue massaging with gleeful masseuses having their way with the racers – it looked brutal.  Especially when they started scraping the skin and then applying the fire cups to the back.  What the hell?  While Amy & Maya were the most visibly in pain and Brooke kind of delighted in their agony, even she couldn’t hold out cries of pain as it looked intense.

AR25_Ep9_CrabThe other option was to crack open an endless stream of hot crabs in order to get 2 pounds of crab meat.  The crabs were super hot though meaning burnt fingers while there were festival musicians tormenting Misti & Jim with clanging cymbals and noisemakers right behind them.  Maybe this pain was a bit more bearable than the other?

Find the Right Mer-Lion / Double U-Turn Ahead!

Here’s where it looked like there was hope for Kym & Alli.  After they left the Fast Forward, they made quick work of the Roadblock and Detour.  They didn’t actually catch up to the other teams, but the editing made it seem close.  The problem was that there was just one more task to do before the Pit Stop, which was to find a clue box at one of 5 different Mer-Lion sculptures around the city.  Clearly Kym & Alli’s fate was sealed – but then Brooke & Robbie and Amy & Maya had a bit of a clash.

AR25_Ep9_AmyMaya_TaxiAt the Double U-Turn this leg (which yet again ended up having no impact just like the one earlier this season), the plan was to ensure Kym & Alli’s elimination.  Once both Kym & Alli and Adam & Bethany went for the Fast Forward though, no one knew who would win out.  Everyone assumed Kym & Alli would succeed before Adam & Bethany made it there.  Regardless, the plan was to U-Turn both of those teams.  So Amy & Maya U-Turn Adam & Bethany, while the plan was for Brooke & Robbie to U-Turn Kym & Alli.  Easy, right?  Nope – Brooke & Robbie decide not to U-Turn anybody figuring AR25_Ep9_SneakyWrestlersAdam & Bethany was all that was needed.  The wrestlers are amusing but they are kind of clueless?  stupid?  So Amy & Maya get a little pissy with them after finding out what happened while they look for the Mer-Lion together at the first and closest location.  Brooke doesn’t take that attitude very well.  At the 2nd Mer-Lion location, Brooke & Robbie get there first and find the clue – Amy & Maya arrive in their taxi as Brooke & Robbie are leaving.  Amy & Maya ask if the clue was there and Brooke tells them “no.”  Oh damn!

So off Amy & Maya go to the other 3 locations, blissfully unaware they just got played.  It seemed that now Kym & Alli had a chance – if they could find the clue first and get to the Pit Stop, maybe this leg wasn’t a total disaster.  I’d love to have seen how close this actually was…but I’m guessing it wasn’t.  While Kym & Alli did choose the right location on the first try, it couldn’t overcome their huge deficit in the race, and sadly, the Cyclists were eliminated.  Boo!

Thoughts on Kym & Alli’s Gamble

It was a gamble to go for the Fast Forward, especially considering they knew it would involve a bit of surfing.  I think that having that 40-minute lead on Adam & Bethany and Misti & Jim gave Kym & Alli a bit of confidence.  Obviously they very likely could have gotten lucky and made it, but 40 minutes is not a lot of time.  I think Alli’s gut was the right call (obviously) as if they had pursued the main race path this leg, they would easily have stayed in the race.  My biggest gripe is that this Fast Forward was COMPLETELY geared towards the strengths of just one of these teams: Adam & Bethany.  That’s patently unfair to everyone else.  If it had been something athletic but not also someone’s primary occupation – then I’d have been on board.  But this was tailor-made to keep Adam & Bethany in the game.  I’m biased in that I liked Kym & Alli FAR more than Adam & Bethany – but still. It’s some bullshit!

Winner Winner!

AR25_Ep9_WinnersAlright, I know I sound a bit bitter about how the Fast Forward was blatantly up Adam & Bethany’s alley, and I still am.  Yet I do recognize they have been outstanding competitors and have been fairly strategic with their use of advantages.  And hell, Bethany has ONE ARM – and still is a beast in Roadblocks and Detours.  So I do congratulate this team while still thinking that Fast Forward was a bit o’ bullshit.

Standings for this Leg:


Overall Standings for the Race: