It’s a Gronk Party!

BB17 Episode 10 – July 15, 2015

<–Previously, we get our first named alliance!

The Sixth Sense did an admirable job of getting things done this episode, but already there is a major bit of friction between Vanessa and Austin, and I honestly think that spells the ending of this alliance, much sooner than later.  I honestly can’t blame Vanessa for getting mad either, but I guess we’ll have to see how things play out from here.

Ain’t No Party Like a BB-Gronk Party Because A BB-Gronk Party Don’t Stop

BB17_Ep10_GronkParty BB17_Ep10_ShowerPartySo due to the BB Takeover for this week, the houseguests had to party hard every time Gronk’s techno theme came on over the loudspeakers.  Each party was unique, and if you didn’t partake, you became a Have-Not.  It was all fun and games in the beginning.  Well, except for John, who got into the Shower Party with a hoodie on….

BB17_Ep10_AwkwardJohn2 BB17_Ep10_AwkwardJohnEven he realized that was a dumb idea.  This guy grows on me every episode.  So weird, but so damn funny too.

Anyway, eventually the house was OVER these Gronk Parties.

BB17_Ep10_Conga BB17_Ep10_PartyDownAt this point, no one wanted to party.  That’s the most unenthusiastic conga line or hot tub party ever.   But I’m never tired of this guy:

BB17_Ep10_ClayNope, never.  Hey there, Clay!

So There Was Drama, Kinda

Vanessa wanted to get James out despite the house mostly wanting to get Audrey out.  Sounds familiar, right?  Anyway, the Veto competition was supposed to be that Audrey would somehow win it and prevent the nominations from changing.

BB17_Ep10_VetoComp BB17_Ep10_VetoComp2 BB17_Ep10_VetoWinnerBut Audrey didn’t win.  In fact, John won AGAIN, against Austin.  So that meant that instead of it being an “easy” vote of getting James out, now Vanessa had to get blood on her hands and nominate someone else.

BB17_Ep10_PissedVanessa BB17_Ep10_AustinExplainsVanessa was pissed at Austin.  She was not going to be convinced by anything Austin said that he didn’t throw the comp.  Hell, he even voice-overs for us that he (or Judas) was realizing it might be a good strategy to throw the comp so he wasn’t put in a position to have to use or not use the Veto.  And obviously Vanessa was aware that’s what was going through his mind.   I really don’t know if this alliance has what it takes to go the distance….

But an opportunity comes to take advantage of the fact that Jeff is completely clueless about Austin’s loyalties.  Jeff has been telling Austin everything, including that Clay & Shelli can’t be trusted and that Liz is a twin.  It so happens these people that Jeff are accusing are his allies….and Vanessa seizes upon these idiotic ramblings as a way for Austin to make a scene and cast Jeff as a villain. And so off Austin goes…

BB17_Ep10_AustinPicksAFight BB17_Ep10_JeffReacts BB17_Ep10_ShelliClayShocked BB17_Ep10_JeffsGettingPlayedI absolutely love the way Austin picks this “fight.”  It was so transparent.  But regardless, all the necessary sparks were lit to enable Vanessa and Austin to make Jeff look like a weasel.  Even Shelli & Clay got to act indignant when Austin ratted Jeff out.  Funny enough, Austin isn’t lying about what Jeff is saying – he did say Shelli was a problem for their game as Clay would lean towards her than them.  I think even Jeff could see he was getting railroaded, but there’s not enough strategy in his mind to be able to fight back against this.  Maybe I’ll be proven wrong tonight, but I really doubt it.

The Veto is Used…

BB17_Ep10_NewNomineesJohn obviously uses the Veto on himself and now that the whole dramatic performance was completed, Vanessa has a convenient way to blame Jeff for this and put him up as a replacement nominee.  Frankly, I don’t care which one of these tools goes home.  Neither was really a factor in anything.  Honestly there are so many floaters in this house now, it’s kind of shocking.

Status & Standings:

BB17_Ep10_StandingsHead of Household: Vanessa
Nominated for Eviction:  John & James
Power of Veto Winner:  John
Veto Used?  Yes, on himself
Replacement Nominee:  Jeff
Gronk Cruise Winner: Meg

The Sixth Sense is still in effect for now.  John is becoming a challenge beast.  Jeff is likely going home, although maybe it’ll be James.  For me, it doesn’t matter in the slightest.  I think I still want John to win this all while Clay’s clothes should just keep disappearing.  You know?

Next, Jeff’s Moves Don’t Save Him… –>

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