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The Amazing Race 22: Episode 4

Can we never see this face again?  I still can’t believe, even a few days after watching the episode, how idiotic and frustrating John (and unfortunately, by extension, Jessica) was during this leg.  Not only was it totally foreshadowed that he’d be eliminated due to all of his comments about how good he was going to do on the challenges because of this or that reason, but then at the final challenge, the Roadblock, he completely blew it.  He wouldn’t admit that there was a problem and he STILL REFUSED TO USE THE EXPRESS PASS.  I loved Phil’s expression after the two of them left the Pit Stop once they were eliminated.  John had just restated that he had no regrets while Jessica clearly did, and it seems very likely that those regrets are NOT limited to their performance on the Amazing Race.  So good riddance.  If you’re going to be idiotic and lose because you think it was strategic to hang on to the Express Pass for later on down the line….you have no right to be racing.  Plus, his mouth scares me.

AR22_ep4bI’m not going to bother with a recap section this time as I didn’t take notes this episode plus I just want to get his up and posted.  Since I’m the only one who reads this anyway, I’ll just list off a couple of things I was thinking about:

  • Thank GOD that Bates & Anthony managed to stay in the race.  They got screwed with their choice of cab driver, and looked to be going out next.  When Anthony managed to completely ignore the two other racers at the Roadblock (the choose-a-surfboard with something on it that you’ve encountered on the race thus far) and hence miss where he was supposed to take the surfboard, I conceded they deserved to be eliminated.  But yay!  He figured it out finally and the remaining hot guy team lives to race another day.  But they’re so far down in the standings!  Get to work, boys!  And keep those teeth in your mouth.
  • Random TAR observation:  The challenges this season seem to me a bit more involved and challenging.  I like it.  Previous seasons have the occasional challenge but a lot are just about getting there in time and going through the motions.  But every leg this time has had either a very detail-oriented task or a very strenuous task, and that can turn the tide of the race.  Love it.  This week’s Detour definitely epitomized this:  I would have gone with the Dredge-up-River-Sand task over the Make-a-Fruit-and-Flower-Arrangement one just because you can power through that.  Yet these weren’t easy to get through, as Jessica & John can attest.
  • Mona & Beth seem to choose the Detour option no one else chooses.  What has happened though is that then a team ends up having to choose that option as well, in desperation.  Yet those teams that do so always make that change too late.  Hello Idries & Jamal and now Jessica & John.
  • Pam & Winnie kind of impressed me this leg and now I’m getting a bit reassured with my initial feelings that I liked them as a team.  They really are good, but the navigation aspect is proving to be their weak link.  Can’t believe that they blew their potential first place finish this leg when whoever was doing the Roadblock let Connor get a huge look at the surfboard they were carrying.  If he hadn’t had that totally obvious gander at it, likely Pam & Winnie could have had a winning leg.  Ah well, good on Connor!
  • David & Connor keep persevering….but we all know why.  The Roadblock keeps getting performed by Connor.  Yet the rules clearly state that the each member of a team can do only up to 6 Roadblocks – yet David has done none at this point, and with his Achilles injury, he’s likely going to be unable to do any with any kind of speed.  Still, I think this team can hang in there for quite  a while, and win a few first-place prizes until Connor hits his Roadblock limit.  Then?  It’s likely we’ll see the other teams plow right by them.  I would love to be proven wrong though.

Here’s your Amazing Race Leg 4 map of where the teams went – still am impressed and shocked that they’ve gone to completely beautiful places thus far.  Bali probably is the closest they’ve come to a place with some bit of poverty so far.  When’s the Bangladesh or India leg???  I want to see some revulsion!!!!!


And finally, the team rankings as of the end of this 4-day leg.  Wowza!


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