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Hello There

Well, here we are again.  I dare say this was my longest time away from this here blog – my last post was Summer 2021!  It’s incredible how much has happened since then, and I’d be a fool to even think about recapping it all.

I’m back as I got the bill for renewing the website’s server fees and I was soooo close to just cancelling the whole damn thing and letting it go.  But part of me can’t just bid this page adieu.  I looked at the fees and balked at them, but then I see the other options out there and think about all the work it would take to migrate my posts… and it’s like, you know what, keeping it here on my domain isn’t that expensive.  So I logged back in – or tried to, lol.  My site’s backend needed a whole lot of updates and I kept managing to break things during the updates.  Well, here we are again though – I worked through them.  I wiped out the old theme and chose a new one.  A fresh look for a new phase of documenting my life.

I could see doing a series of posts about some of the big things that have happened since 2021, which I think will be fun.  Probably the first one will be the fact that I moved to downtown Los Angeles!   Stay tuned.

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