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Well, Hello April!

I took March 2010 off to focus on personal matters.  HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Nah, I was just lazy and it wasn’t too filled with exciting adventures and stories.  The Winter Olympics obviously went well and now work is getting “interesting,” in that I’ve told them I plan to leave NYC at the end of the year.  They may or may not be able to hook me up with something in Los Angeles.  I’ll keep you posted on what I find out.

In the guitar front, I am like so much better than I used to be!  I know around eight chords and can actually strum in rhythm!  When I feel like I’m actually able to play something AND sing/mumble at the same time, I’ll post a YouTube video here.  For me the most dramatic part from Lesson 1 to Lesson 9 is the progression from being so uncomfortable with finding a chord and changing to another one to now having an innate sense and accuracy in finding the chords.  It’s kinda cool.  Now I’m in now way ready for my sidewalk debut begging for change, but I’m getting there.

If you didn’t hear via Facebook or such, I ran in the NYC Half-Marathon 2010 two weekends ago on March 21.  I initially started training fairly well, but then the Olympics and the snowy weather really put a damper on my motivation.  So effectively, I didn’t really train.  I was good with running 8 miles or so, which isn’t shabby, but still, it’s not 13.1 miles!  So on Sunday, March 21, a fantastically beautiful NYC day with gorgeous cool temperatures and beautiful sunny skies, Larry & I took part in the race.  He was in a much further-up corral than I was, so I didn’t run it with him.  The course loops you around Central Park one and a half times, then you turn down Seventh Avenue into Times Square!  It’s a great feeling to run through there and you are right in the middle of it.  You then turn on 42nd to the Hudson River, where you then run down the highway to the World Financial Center area.  It was a good run, but by the time it was time to run along the river, I was sooooo ready for it to be over.  There were professional photographers taking pics all along the route, and then they automatically can find out which ones you’re in and then they send you an email link to them and you can see how awful you look while running.  And I’m now sharing that with you:


Yeah, not my finest shots, that’s for sure.  The ones of me in Times Square aren’t so bad, where West Side Story can be seen in the background.  The others, not so much….

Here is a cool link to a “replay” of the race route using a Google Earth version of NYC – it’s fairly accurate of what you saw while running:


One last little thing to share with you – I got one of my first real “unhappy” emails from someone who reads the recaps I do for Amazing Race on RealityNewsOnline.com.  You can see my links in the ARTICLES section – I got the email in response to my latest article recapping Episode 7’s extra scenes.  If you watch Amazing Race, you’ll know that there is a team of lesbians who haven’t been the best of friends with the dumb model couple.  Some of the teams are all harping on how mean the lesbians are to the models, and I took a moment in my recap to basically explain that I didn’t see where these teams were coming from as I didn’t think the lesbians were actually doing anything worthy of notice.  Well, I bring to you the following email I received this morning from “Joy” who definitely doesn’t live up to her name:

Subject:  how stupid you are
Your so biased with Caite and Brent all these lesbians do are mocking them and you say its only tiara comment ?Are we watching the same show?
Ifit someone who is dirty its the lesbians they are lesbians they should be ashamed of themselves they are hypocrite jjust like you.YOU ARE SO BIASED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Ah, this is even better than a dotante. No kidding.  I didn’t respond as it’s not worth it to, but wow.  I am almost tempted to think this is a fake-out, especially with that trailing 1 at the end of the exclamation points.  The many exclamation points.  But who doesn’t love dirty lesbians?   COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Larry Conquers Olive Garden (MM)

How, you ask, did Larry conquer Olive Garden?  Because Larry made freakin’ Zuppa Toscana soup, almost exactly like Olive Garden makes it.  I found a recipe online after googling “Olive Garden Toscana recipe”, there it was!  He got the ingredients, and after using his culinary expertise, he rocked the hell out of the soup.  Next thing to conquer – how to make those addictive breadsticks!  “Olive Garden” was Sunday’s dinner; you know what he was able to make on Saturday?  My favorite meal from Chili’s, the Cajun Chicken Pasta!  On the same website, I also found the recipe for that meal too, and amazingly, he made a very good representation of that dish too.  Can I say I am one lucky guy?  Because I am.

Anyway, if you want to endeavor and recreate some classic Chili’s or Olive Garden dishes, here’s the site I got the recipes from.  Not sure how long this site will stick around, so get the recipes fast:


The weather here in NYC has been stupid.  It was 56 degrees here today.  What figures is that the 30 Rock maintenance folks can’t turn the heat off, so the heat was on full-crank too, so it was a fuckin’ sauna at work today.  A few times today I thought I must be catching a fever as I got so hot while sitting at my desk.  That can’t be good for you.  What I’ve heard is that by the end of the week, we’ll be back to 20-degree weather and snow.  Yay!

My Colorado Springs friends are going to be having SnoFest this weekend.  :-(  I wanna go.

Other Colorado Springs news:  my previous tenant has been evicted, and after some cleanup, it looks like I once again have a tenant in the house.  Thank God.  It’s not exactly cheap to pay two mortgages all by myself.

Did I tell you that I’m going to be starting guitar lessons next week?  I decided to try something new.  I had already started violin while back in the Azores, and while I think I could have eventually been decent on it, I just don’t have the motivation and discipline for it anymore.  Violin is hard!  I’m sure guitar isn’t super easy either though, but I think it’ll be fun to play an instrument that lends itself to group singalongs.  Because you know I LOVE group singalongs!  🙂

The NYC Half Marathon training plan is going forward still, and I seem to have persevered through the initial leg/calf soreness that usually dissuades me from continuing.  I couldn’t run the 7 miles I was supposed to today, but it is EXTREMELY difficult to run for over 60 minutes in one spot.  I got so bored.  After 5 miles, I was like, Peace out, I’m done.

2010, or the Year We Make Contact

I don’t know about you, but I am glad to have 2009 as a vague blur in the rear-view mirror.   Sure, there were some bright spots, but I think I am looking forward to making 2010 much more memorable, positive, and overall a palate-cleanser.

I went home for the holidays which was awesome as it was almost always in the 60s as that is just how LA rolls.  Larry went with me but had to leave on Christmas Eve as he had a family emergency.  So the holiday turned out to be pretty much just like the ones before it, with me hanging out and doing the family stuff.  Saw the Polocks on Christmas Eve, saw Harv’s family on Christmas and got to see a pre-birth Mila (and the rest of the MHS crowd) a day or so later.  Good times, good times, and all available to see in the MY PICS section.

Now I am back in New York City.  As anyone who watches TV knows, NBC is surrounding itself in lots of fun drama.  First was the announcement that NBC Universal was getting bought by Comcast.  That seems like old news now with the whole Late Wars 2 thing going on.  Frankly, I’m on Conan’s side of this.  Leno has had his time – it’s time for him to move on.  I wish that as a fellow NBC employee that is something I could convey to him, but alas, I have probably no more power than you do to pass along some advice.  We really do have a big hole to dig ourselves out of now that we’ve given up on the 10pm Leno Show.  I fully admit right here and now – I thought that this had a chance of succeeding.  I thought this of course before the Jay Leno Show actually debuted.  Once I saw that it was nothing more than ‘The Tonight Show Lite’, then I knew that Jay Leno had basically botched this opportunity to do something truly groundbreaking.  I still believe he could have made that 10pm show successful.   Now, we have to scramble to get 5 shows to put on at 10pm.  Too bad we gave away Southland to TNT.  I think NBC just hates anything that has the glimmer of possibility on it.  We keep trudging along though, faithfully ensuring that all 4 hours of the Today show and all 3 nights of the Biggest Loser get broadcast without incident.  And we do it good.

As for my 2010 plans?  I will be starting the Spring off with a NYC Half Marathon!  I put my name in the lottery as you just can’t show up there and run 13.1 miles, you dolt.  No no no.  You have to have a special T-Shirt and number to run properly.  Both Larry & I put our names in – Larry found out first he didn’t get selected and I just didn’t hear anything for a day.  Overnight though, I found out I got in.  Holy crap!  So now I actually have to train!  It’s good though. I’ve put on a fair bit of weight over the past two months as I have been L – A – Z – motherfuckin’ – Y.  This will light the fire under my ass to get me back to my fightin’ weight of 165 (or less!).

I also made a resolution to be more social.  That not only includes staying in touch more, but also working on this damn site some more.  My writing hero is Richard Lawson of Gawker.com.  He has a way, a style of writing that is so visual, so comfortable, so seemingly effortless that I wish I could ask him all about how he does it.  He can write about the Real Housewives of Orange County and it comes across as Shakespeare.  <sigh>

Small updates to the site have been occurring.  I made an About Me page with stuff about me as well as links to some of my friends’ websites as well as just favorite browsing links.  I also started to try transferring some of my old hobiebarnes.com site journal entries into this format.  Alas, it is a lot of work.  It could be worth it for the pictures capability, but damn, it’s not easy.  I may have ot figure out how to put in existing html pages into the site so it’s linkable and available for perusing.  That’s a whole lotta my life that’s now gone dark!