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ABBA, Perfect Day, Dirty Computer and More

Before we head out to see Avengers: Infinity War and return 4 hours later or however long the movie is, I thought I’d post about some random things because why not.

I am liking my slight redesign and tweaking of the website.  I crafted that new header and a new favicon and found a plugin or two to help me modify my site to a way that is more me – so that includes more red all around.

If you didn’t take note, this past week contained the Perfect Date…per Miss Rhode Island from Miss Congeniality.  Honestly, I have to agree with her as in Los Angeles this week, the weather was gorgeous.  Sunny, windy, a nice warmth during the day but not too hot, while just enough of a chill at night.  Perfect!

I fucking love that movie.  It still trips me out that the first movie was set in San Antonio and released while I too lived in San Antonio.   Then the sequel was set in Las Vegas and released while I too lived in Las Vegas!  Stop stalking me, Sandra Bullock!  🙂

In other crazy-ass news, ABBA tells us yesterday that they’re “reuniting” and going to perform together for a television special in December and TWO NEW SONGS will be released and I can just fall over in joy now.

ABBA Is Officially Reuniting—And Recording New Music!

They’re not exactly going to be touring together though, as while I think they were able to deal with each other and get along well enough to make some new music, that goodwill isn’t enough to deal with each other all the time.  Some Digital Avatar experience will be happening and just tell me how much money is necessary as that is just fine with me.

Janelle Monáe’s new album, Dirty Computer, came out yesterday as well, so apparently music bliss was on the menu.  I’ve had it on repeat throughout the day yesterday and gotta say…I fucking love it.  From the opening track, “Dirty Computer”, which has a Brian Wilson harmony on it, to the already released singles which I love, to the new track “Screwed” which is hilarious and inspiring…the entire album is just a feeling and vibe that makes me happy.  I liked a review I read that indicated this album may be the first time we see the real Janelle Monáe as she doesn’t have the Cindi Mayweather character in this like she did in her two previous (awesome) albums.

In addition to loving the album, I was able to get tickets to see her at the Greek Theater in June.  SO EXCITED.   Nicki and Rekha will be joining in on the fun too.   Took a bit of finagling random codes and such on the ticketmaster site as it’s still in “presale” mode.   My Citi Cardmember presale didn’t really help at all this time like it did with Madonna tickets, as there was nothing available, but the Artist Presale definitely did!   Finally was able to get front of  Section C tickets – we’re going to be in the back section, but the price was right ($60/each), and the Greek isn’t that big of a venue, so all seats will be good!

Okay, probably need to wrap this up for now.   Larry and I are celebrating our second anniversary tonight at a French restaurant I found online in West LA, so hoping it is as good as expected (reviews certainly indicate it will be) and a nice night is had by all.  I’ll check back in with thoughts on the movie (and other movies we’ve seen in the meantime since A Quiet Place) and also keep retrofitting my site’s existing content as the migration wiped out a lot of my recent galleries.  As I find them, I fix them, and I’m back to late 2016 in terms of fixing things.  It’s funny as I do that and see posts I’d long forgotten about.   I love that I have this record.

Janelle Monáe’s Fireball Island

I wish, right?  I don’t even know what that would be like, but I know I’d LOVE IT.   I figured I’d write a post now because:

  1. I moved my site to another hosting company
  2. I love these two things I mentioned in the title and so a post had to happen

First, I moved off of my Fatcow hosting company when suddenly the cost to host this site basically doubled.   Say what?  I saw that show on my credit card and I was like, I don’t fucking think so. A quick google of ‘best web hosting in 2018’ showed me a CNET article and at the top of the list was inmotion.   Checked out the website, saw the prices, saw they offered hosting on SSD, it was like, yep, I’ll do that.

The interesting part was transferring the site.  I’d actually been fairly good about doing database backups over the last few years, along with doing full downloads of the website content.  When hosting a WordPress site, you do have to take care of two factors:  the database, which actually has all the post information, including all those damn words; then you also have to download all the pictures and graphics and themes separately.

After downloading all my content from my previous host, I canceled the account and for a few days, if you tried to visit this here URL, you got NADA.  Because my site exists mainly for me at this point, that is not a problem.  I did slowly but surely figure out how to get my database uploaded and restored on the new site, while Filezilla connection to my new host made it pretty easy to upload the tons of content that exists from my site in all its incarnations.

And here we are!  It’s actually been a fairly straightforward process with one really annoying problem:  the character set I guess that the exported database used, when then used in the restoration, decided that some of the characters were weird ass Å characters.   Tech support here, which has been pretty great and helpful, doesn’t know how to fix it.  So I see this being a manual cleanup process that will take some time to fix, slowly but surely.  I also have to fix up pages where I used the Envira gallery plugin as I no longer do and the move to the new site TOTALLY hosed that up.  I ended up only using it for a year or so?  So the impact isn’t total, but annoying nonetheless.

You’re now caught up on the behind the scenes drama!!!!

In the other point of this post:  Janelle Monáe!

She’s been releasing more and more videos from her new album, Dirty Computer, and I am fucking stoked.   Her first song, “Make Me Feel,” is ridiculously awesome and the new Prince song we all need:

The other 2 songs released after are all also amazing, and very very lesbian and/or bi.  It’s fantastic.  Yay, 2018, as there’s so much to fret over, that there is still a boldness in art that isn’t being tamped out.

I still love that we got to see her perform at the Hollywood Bowl:

Janelle Monáe at the Hollywood Bowl

And in the final point of this post:  Fireball Island!

Man, there is just one game from my youth that I freakin’ flipped out over and harassed my mom to get me endlessly until she gave in and got it for me:  Fireball Island.

I brought that thing with me to Cambridge probably every day.  Okay, I probably didn’t bring it every day, but when I could I did.  For some stupid reason I got rid of the damn thing – probably “growing up” or “maturing”.  P’ssh.  When I would look occasionally online to eBay I’d see original versions going for hundreds of bucks and it’s like, nostalgia is one thing but paying that much for it is a little much.

Color me surprised when I’m scrolling through Kotaku one fine morning and see a post indicating a Kickstarter for a brand new version of the game is out.  It might have taken me maaaayyyybe 5 minutes to get my pledge in for the $145.  I’m a sucker.  But I can NOT wait for that game to come out this fall.  What do you think we’ll be playing up on the roofdeck of our new house??? FIREBALL ISLAND, bitches.

Farewell, 2014

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, 2014!  Long story short, I’m quite ready for this year to be over.   While I had plenty of fun and good times during it, the overall feeling of it due to certain events basically relegates 2014 to “shitty” status.  REGARDLESS of that status, I resolve for 2015 to be a better year.  In the meantime though, time for review?  My resolution to post at a nearly daily level certainly helps me in recalling what happened!

  • From that last point above, I am very happy that I was able to post quite frequently on this site.  While most of the time I know there’s very few readers of this site, I do occasionally get visitors who find this site due to pictures I’ve taken.  It’s kind of neat to know I have sporadic reaches out into the ether!  While I did intend to post daily, the realities are that sometimes I just didn’t.  But this posting rate was by far the most I’ve ever posted, and that’s including going back to my website’s initial heyday back in the early and mid-2000s.  I’m going to keep it up in 2015 as it’s just fun.
  • Lest you think this list may be chronological – it won’t be.
  • I wrote a TON about this season of Big Brother and made so many damn screen-caps it’s kind of embarrassing.  But the season was fun and so much better than last year’s so I enjoyed doing it.  Now someone out there needs to hire me to write about it for their site! I’m pretty damn good at it.   As for this fall’s Amazing Race, I just couldn’t get into the season.  I LOVED the All-Stars version from the spring, but the teams and The Save from AR25 were underwhelming or annoying.  I will give the next season my all though as I still do love the show.
  • It’s weird to think I haven’t been to NYC for almost over a year now – the last time I was there was in January for one last team get-together with the folks at NBCU, although upon reviewing the posts just now, I realize that the real last time the entire group was together was in October of 2013.  Crazy how time flies.  I’ll miss this group!!!
  • I also got to see my wonderful Colorado friends in person in January, with Susan being married (!) and seeing KD all pregnant!  It was far too brief of a visit though as I was there just for a quick work visit at the Dry Creek facility in Denver, but I am still happy I got to see them.  A trip to Colorado Springs needs to occur in 2015.
  • I made HUGE progress in organizing my travel photos on this site this year.  I made my Travelogue page and then organized all the major trips we’ve taken over the years on it.  The pictures within each page are also broken down into applicable headings making the pictures much easier to navigate.  I had before just had one massive album for each page that you would likely not scroll through.  I also put up some of my roadtrips from the many moves I’ve made.  Basically, this page is the best.
  • Because I’m madly in love with the WordPress system, I’ve also been pretty successful at getting a lot of the older pages migrated.  “Older Pages” refers to my pre-Wordpress/pre-MobileMe/pre-LiveJournal HTML creation that I coded by hand from the beginning of my blogging adventures.  Those old pages, while present on the server and accessible, aren’t part of the WordPress search engine.  Additionally, the photo albums I created during that time are not what you’d expect to find in a modern web photo album and the pictures are all heavily shrunk since at the time, I was working to make the site load quickly for dial-up connections.  So yeah, I wanted to be able to find my old content easily and browse the pictures full-size and easily.  I’ve worked my way backwards and am somewhere in summer 2007, and have LOTS more work to do.  It’s satisfying though, and helps bring back a lot of memories at the same time.  All this blogging I’ve done really makes me happy, and I’m kind of proud of the effort I’ve been putting in all these years as I now have a record of most of my adulthood.
  • We saw a ton of movies this year, and it was awesome.  Whether it was the Oscar catchup at the beginning of the year, or the Summer Blitz, or this recent fall’s crop of good movies, Larry & I were there.
  • Finally partook in Ramen and Dumplings around Los Angeles and NYC.  SO FUCKING GOOD.
  • My chocolate chip cookies have finally come into their own.  This most recent recipe I’m using is freaking amazing.
  • There was some great television events throughout the year, whether it was great shows on the air like ScandalEnlisted, Broad City or the end of How I Met Your Mother, but hello, the big news of Twin Peaks’ Blu-Ray and Deleted Scenes and us watching the arrival of the stars at the World Premiere at the Vista OR the fact that Twin Peaks is coming back in 2016….lots of good stuff going on in Television land.
  • VIDEO GAMES!   I got back into Diablo 3, finally played the amazing Wolfenstein: The New Order, various new Assassin’s Creeds (Black Flag: Awesome; Unity: Meh), I picked up a Nintendo 3DS and a Wii U AND we just got a Playstation 4..  My video game habit is still going strong.  There are just so many good experiences out there in gaming and having had the chance to go to a few E3s over the last few years all combine to me loving this hobby.  I probably should add more to my hobby repertoire though, as while I keep saying it, I do want to get back into playing the guitar.  It’s just such a fun thing to do.  I dread building up the callouses on the tips of my fingers though – it fucking HURTS.
  • The Hollywood Bowl series of concerts we went to this year was awesome.  It started with the fantastic Billy Joel concert (my first time seeing him live), followed by the amazing Janelle Monae, then continuing on with a great series of shows the entire summer culminating in The Sound of Music sing-along.  I have to admit that I got ridiculously shitfaced during this most recent SoM sing-along…ah well, I paid the price the following day.  I was hungover as shit.
  • Had a lot of fun over the year going to Vegas with mom as well as doing some projects around her house to get things looking spruced up.  We worked on the front yard a bit getting rid of some of the dirt patches and then just recently got the old office a bit less crowded.  The Vegas trips were of course great fun and sometimes I even won money!
  • I went on a brief astronomy kick when Mars and the moon were having lots of good photo days.  We even got a lunar eclipse!  The problem I discovered is that Los Angeles is a TERRIBLE place to be an amateur astronomer, as the light pollution here is insane.  I toy around with the idea of going to someplace like Baker overnight to get some pure desert views.  It would probably be better to go to somewhere slightly less desolate – maybe the San Bernardino mountains?  It was still fun to get a close-up view of the moon though, even from where we lived.
  • Oh yeah – this was the year where I started going nuts for Trulia and househunting!  I think that both Larry & I are wanting a permanent place of our own and I kind of fell down a rabbit hole of looking at listings online.  There were some amazing ones way out of our price range and then there were some in our price range but it was just not the right time (dammit!!!! – this house in particular was almost perfect for us).   I would love for 2015 to be the year when we find that house and be able to move on it.
  • The announcement of things coming out in 2015 is pretty exciting!  Star Wars, James Bond, the new Avengers, more Madonna….plus my own trevails for next year, all lead up to me having some high hopes and expectations for next year.  It won’t be easy, I know that, but I’m hopeful nonetheless, and that’s all I can ask for.

That’s all the review I’m up for, it seems.  But it was fun just now to rapidly scroll though all the months of posts from this year!  While the year can feel like it flew by, when I see what was happening back in January, that feels like forever ago.  Hell, even this summer’s Hollywood Bowl stuff and more is feeling like a long time ago.

Alright, 2015 – let’s make this happen!  Good times!!!

Retrofitting the Site

declutterI periodically go through the looking glass of my site’s archives, discovering that older posts that have been imported and re-imported from LiveJournal, MobileMe, and WordPress.com don’t exactly come across with relevant information.  Sometimes they’re not tagged or categorized correctly at all, and often times I’ve found they just don’t have the pictures handy like they should.  It’s really enjoyable to put that shit in there and make it right, but it is a bit of work and usually before I know it, it’s hours later.

I’ve also been wanting to make my Big Brother and Amazing Race sections of the site complete with all the writings I’ve done for them, so ta dah! That’s all up to date now too.  I had managed to save all my Reality News Online articles before it finally died and now they’re transferred here.  Also, pictures!  Also, lots of my posts about those shows were just living in the wilds of this site and I finally indexed them for easy finding.  Obviously I know that it’s just me that’s looking for them, but hey, now I can find them quickly!

A Post a Day: January was Rocked

I don’t intend to write too much today, but dammit, I’m writing something to at least keep my site’s posting pace going.  You see, in January 2014, I managed to post every single day.  I’ve never done that.  Never.  The WordPress posting system allows for posts of just images or “asides” which I am madly in love with, as sometimes you just don’t feel like sharing a novel.  So yeah, January was a win for me and I got a post in every day.  Sometimes a day’s post was put in just under the wire, but it still got put in that day.

I’m excited to post this month as well – I have a few topics and ideas that I’m going to be playing with, including Throwback posts in which I include links to albums of photos that I’m going to be scanning the negatives of.  These are mostly photos from high school, college and ROTC, and whatever else I managed to save negatives of, which admittedly is a lot.  But you just never know how well those things work out.  I’m also interested in writing down my thoughts about my life in the closet, as even though I’m no trailblazer or some brave soul, I had to live a lie for a very long time.  And that leaves marks.  And of course I want to write about media I’ve consumed, and I’m really excited about when Survivor and Amazing Race return.  I’ve got to still figure out just what it is I want to do with those shows – I’d love to actually provide a viewpoint or service that others could actually find useful.

Random aside:  I’m watching CNN’s Crimes of the Century show tonight and it’s about John Lennon’s murder.  Holy fuck.  Mark David Chapman was seriously fucked up.  And the murder is just so pointless.

2nd Random Aside:  Holy hell, how did I miss the Liquid Plumr ad campaign with hot guys?  I think each month’s recap post will have to feature them.   Just saying.   BTW, this is my way of giving appropriate credit for the image above.

3rd Aside:  More hotness, this time in the form of a seriously hot guy who is also clever, having filmed himself in brief second-long snippets and edited them together in a fabulous international montage.