Retrofitting the Site

declutterI periodically go through the looking glass of my site’s archives, discovering that older posts that have been imported and re-imported from LiveJournal, MobileMe, and don’t exactly come across with relevant information.  Sometimes they’re not tagged or categorized correctly at all, and often times I’ve found they just don’t have the pictures handy like they should.  It’s really enjoyable to put that shit in there and make it right, but it is a bit of work and usually before I know it, it’s hours later.

I’ve also been wanting to make my Big Brother and Amazing Race sections of the site complete with all the writings I’ve done for them, so ta dah! That’s all up to date now too.  I had managed to save all my Reality News Online articles before it finally died and now they’re transferred here.  Also, pictures!  Also, lots of my posts about those shows were just living in the wilds of this site and I finally indexed them for easy finding.  Obviously I know that it’s just me that’s looking for them, but hey, now I can find them quickly!

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