Larry’s Current Favorite Commercial

It’s a FedEx spot and the way that the wife spits out “we don’t HAVE a reception entrance” at the end is absolutely hilarious.

Other random news:

  • I signed up for the gym at work, mainly so I can force myself to get time in on the treadmills or elliptical machines.  I’ve found I have absolutely no motivation to go running on a weekday after work.  I’m actually pretty diligent about using my home workout equipment for strength training, which is great, but I definitely have to add in an aerobic component to my life as my weight isn’t anywhere near where I’d like it to be.  Here’s some pics of my workout room at home, and I love that I have it:
29-Sep-2014 17:31, Apple iPhone 6, 2.2, 4.15mm, 0.067 sec, ISO 320
29-Sep-2014 17:31, Apple iPhone 6, 2.2, 4.15mm, 0.05 sec, ISO 250
  • This Ebola nonsense is very nerve-wracking but of course it is overblown and all the news outlets are going to fucking love hyping this event.  “If it bleeds, it leads!”

Alright, I guess that’s what I’ve got for now.  I will be aiming to get some Amazing Race Bonus Clips recaps up soon, but in the meantime, you can explore my current Big Brother and Amazing Race archives if you like!  I’ve made it so convenient to navigate!

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