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Adding Some (A LOT) Things

It’s been about two weeks since last I posted – as anyone knows, the pandemic and associated social distancing, etc is still going on, and probably will be for quite a while longer.  Things really aren’t that exciting, in other words.   But Nicki has come over every weekend and that has made the time go […]

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November of this Long Fucking Year

I write a hostile headline like that and you think I’m just going to be ranting like a madman.  I won’t be.  It’s actually been, for the most part, a very good month. First, I Turned 42 Eh, maybe that’s not all that exciting or great, but it was time spent with friends and I […]

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Janelle Monáe’s Fireball Island

I wish, right?  I don’t even know what that would be like, but I know I’d LOVE IT.   I figured I’d write a post now because: I moved my site to another hosting company I love these two things I mentioned in the title and so a post had to happen First, I moved off […]