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The day we get our keys and officially own the house looks to be….Wednesday?   Maybe?   There was an inspection on Friday by the city and a pipe from the water heater into the home needed to be metal instead of PVC, which was replaced yesterday.   The inspector comes back tomorrow and then it’s a matter […]

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Cooking with Gas as We Exit the Awful 2018

I was no fan of 2018, that is for sure.   As 2018 ends though, there are good things on deck and I’ll hope that 2019 is a bit gentler and happier.  I felt like getting out the rest of the pictures I have from 2018 before NYE tonight, so here goes: Last Holidays at AMLI: […]

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Homeowners before 2019?

So the good news that might be coming our way?   It’s entirely possible that we’ll have keys to our new house before 2019 rolls around!   That doesn’t mean we’d be moved in as that will be a process (it always is) but to think we may actually own the place and move in during January […]

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November of this Long Fucking Year

I write a hostile headline like that and you think I’m just going to be ranting like a madman.  I won’t be.  It’s actually been, for the most part, a very good month. First, I Turned 42 Eh, maybe that’s not all that exciting or great, but it was time spent with friends and I […]

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Countertops + More

It’s mid October so it’s a perfect time to post an entry here.   I’m mostly focused on pictures right now, but in short, 2018 continues to be a challenging year and some days are much harder than others.  Work insists on being stressful and it is sometimes difficult to deal with that on top of […]