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Chemotherapy Crossroads

Went to Burbank UCLA clinic for Larry’s infusion – this was the first time we were back and the first available time for him to get the FolFox + Avastin there.  We’ve stopped going to City of Hope as the emotional toll it takes on us is not worth going there and since we’re back on […]

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Surgery at MSK

Note:  I’m writing this from April 2020 – I did not post much of anything at all on my site during 2019 as Larry’s illness, my mom’s issues, and just general malaise kept my website motivation low.  It was finally the day for Larry’s surgery.   All the prep appointments and evaluations had been made, and […]

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Cooking with Gas as We Exit the Awful 2018

I was no fan of 2018, that is for sure.   As 2018 ends though, there are good things on deck and I’ll hope that 2019 is a bit gentler and happier.  I felt like getting out the rest of the pictures I have from 2018 before NYE tonight, so here goes: Last Holidays at AMLI: […]

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Two Weeks of Travel & Stress, But We Made It

I won’t lie – the last two weeks have been hard.  I’ve been having to travel for work and while of course when one hears where I went, they probably think I’m a little bitch because oh boo hoo, I had to go to great places.   But the fact that I had to leave Larry […]

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Catching Up on the Last Few Weeks

I’ve been pretty bad at updating, as is my way.  So I’ll try to rectify that here, with some pictures and general “here’s how it’s been going” updates.  Long story short though, Larry has been doing pretty damn great during Rounds 2 & 3 of chemo. A brief update on the chemo story:  For Rounds […]