Chemotherapy Crossroads

Went to Burbank UCLA clinic for Larry’s infusion – this was the first time we were back and the first available time for him to get the FolFox + Avastin there.  We’ve stopped going to City of Hope as the emotional toll it takes on us is not worth going there and since we’re back on a standard regimen, it is nicer to go where we feel comfortable.  Dr Arzoo saw him and it wasn’t good.  He obviously saw how weak and jaundice Larry has become – and asked if he wanted to do this.   It’s necessary to have a few treatments in place to see how it’s doing in his system – we all agreed let’s continue the fight if we can. Arzoo ended up reducing the intensity to not wreck Larry.  It’s tough though – if he only gets worse over the next two weeks, Arzoo will likely stop treatment as it’s not worth it at that point.  Larry & I spoke privately after that – I will not make him go through this pain and suffering if it isn’t going to help him.  He understands that and agrees.  Will remain to be seen if Fran agrees but I can’t imagine she would want him to suffer unnecessarily.  We did end up getting a call from Dr Goldman, who is at UCLA conducting a clinical trial that Arzoo recommended him for.   We meet with him on Monday, Dec 2 in Santa Monica.  My back was still terrible this whole day.    Nicki came over that night – we ordered Jerry’s Deli again as it really is amazing.   We watched some TV all together.  I thought I’d lie on the floor to put the big ice pack Joel bought me on my back, but I could NOT get up, and obviously Larry couldn’t get me.  Had to get Joel to come and pull me up.  Ugh.

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