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Day After Thanksgiving Fun

This was a fun day after Thanksgiving.  No Black Friday craziness.   Jon/Alyssa came over in the morning.   Michancy, Jon & I went to Target, a pot dispensary, and a wine store to stock up on stuff.   Then in the afternoon, we went to see Frozen 2 at the Universal AMC.   Larry and Michancy stayed back.   Frozen 2 was very fun.  The first […]

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A Full House for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving!   This was a long day.   It was raining fairly steadily that day, continuing the fun from yesterday’s intense amount of rain.   Was able to relax in the morning but then went to go and pick up mom (Michancy came with) from Duarte for some Thanksgiving fun.  Happily traffic in LA during Thanksgiving weekend is basically amazing, so no […]

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Michancy Arrives!

Michancy arrived!   The effort was a little more than expected as she flew in to Burbank to keep things easier, but her flight got diverted to Ontario as the weather was such shit that day.  So while I had gone to Burbank to pick her up in the morning, that was for nothing.  So while that situation was […]

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November of this Long Fucking Year

I write a hostile headline like that and you think I’m just going to be ranting like a madman.  I won’t be.  It’s actually been, for the most part, a very good month. First, I Turned 42 Eh, maybe that’s not all that exciting or great, but it was time spent with friends and I […]

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Just Watched the Episode Before Mine!

So tonight’s episode of Jeopardy! was the one in which I saw the Returning Champion win his episode, and it is now very surreal to realize the NEXT EPISODE OF JEOPARDY! WILL BE THE ONE THAT I AM ON.  I can’t wait to un-hide the posts I’ve written about my experience. And this has been […]