Michancy Arrives!

Michancy arrived!   The effort was a little more than expected as she flew in to Burbank to keep things easier, but her flight got diverted to Ontario as the weather was such shit that day.  So while I had gone to Burbank to pick her up in the morning, that was for nothing.  So while that situation was getting sorted out, Joel and I went to Whole Foods in Sherman Oaks to pick up my Thanksgiving order – surprisingly, it wasn’t the shit show I was expecting.   Sure, the parking lot was crowded but what is nuts is that somehow you can get a spot there.   I think because it’s a smaller store that you really aren’t chilling there, you’re shopping and going.  Anyway, our order was ready pretty quickly and we were back home to store the goods in the refrigerator, which was nicely empty after clearing it out on Monday night to try to make sure we didn’t have an insane trash situation and get everything out for the Tuesday pickup.   With last week’s skipped trash situation, it was a bit of stress.   Today was also the day for Larry to get his portable pump removed – I had expected to be able to go but Michancy’s flight was now hopping over from Ontario to Burbank at that time, so I instead picked her up while Fran and Joel went with Larry to take care of that (and get my caregiver leave forms, which frustratingly were only half done but happily Fran caught that before leaving).  By the evening, we were all home and happy to be inside due to the rain!

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