A Post a Day: January was Rocked

I don’t intend to write too much today, but dammit, I’m writing something to at least keep my site’s posting pace going.  You see, in January 2014, I managed to post every single day.  I’ve never done that.  Never.  The WordPress posting system allows for posts of just images or “asides” which I am madly in love with, as sometimes you just don’t feel like sharing a novel.  So yeah, January was a win for me and I got a post in every day.  Sometimes a day’s post was put in just under the wire, but it still got put in that day.

I’m excited to post this month as well – I have a few topics and ideas that I’m going to be playing with, including Throwback posts in which I include links to albums of photos that I’m going to be scanning the negatives of.  These are mostly photos from high school, college and ROTC, and whatever else I managed to save negatives of, which admittedly is a lot.  But you just never know how well those things work out.  I’m also interested in writing down my thoughts about my life in the closet, as even though I’m no trailblazer or some brave soul, I had to live a lie for a very long time.  And that leaves marks.  And of course I want to write about media I’ve consumed, and I’m really excited about when Survivor and Amazing Race return.  I’ve got to still figure out just what it is I want to do with those shows – I’d love to actually provide a viewpoint or service that others could actually find useful.

Random aside:  I’m watching CNN’s Crimes of the Century show tonight and it’s about John Lennon’s murder.  Holy fuck.  Mark David Chapman was seriously fucked up.  And the murder is just so pointless.

2nd Random Aside:  Holy hell, how did I miss the Liquid Plumr ad campaign with hot guys?  I think each month’s recap post will have to feature them.   Just saying.   BTW, this is my way of giving appropriate credit for the image above.

3rd Aside:  More hotness, this time in the form of a seriously hot guy who is also clever, having filmed himself in brief second-long snippets and edited them together in a fabulous international montage.

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