The Spring Los Angeles/Las Vegas 2010 Tour (MM)

Cheers to the breaking news of my May return to Los Angeles and Las Vegas!  Larry & I are headed back to go visit a little then celebrate Harv’s birthday up in Vegas with him.  Sweet.  I’m guessing it’s gonna be hot as all hell if it’s already this hot now.  I exaggerate of course, as it looks to be 30 degrees cooler by the end of the week, at least here.

I will be heading back to the West Coast around the second week of May, so if you’re in town and you still check in on this blog, it may be time to catch up!

In iPad news, I’ve strangely developed a resistance to its power.  I think I may be able to hold out from buying one for a little longer.  I still desperately want an eReader though.  I covet both the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes & Noble Nook.  Larry wisely warned me not to bother with either before the iPad came out, and I’m glad I held off.  But now that the iPad is here and I’m hearing mixed messages on the usefulness of the shiny screen to read in any type of daylight condition, and the fact that the iPad does get heavy if you want to hold it for a long period of reading.  I may indeed still head back to Kindle/Nook territory, although now it may just pay to wait further until the Color Kindle comes out.  But who knows when that is gonna be?  Ah, maybe I’ll just not spend my money this time and instead save it for gambling in Vegas in May?  I want to WIN a LOT this time!!!!!  You hear that, Lady Luck?!?  It looks like I’ll get to meet up with Michancy when I visit, which is ALWAYS a good time.  Hopefully now that she’s employed and all that she won’t be all like “I have to get to bed by 9”….  that would suck.  You hear that, Michancy???

No word yet on the feasibility of an LA position for me in any definite terms, but it certainly has potential still.  My boss even started asking how soon could I go?  Well, like I told him, at the end of the year.  I brought it up completely clear in the fact that I was telling him early enough so it wouldn’t be a shock.  Not to force me out to LA now so that I could possibly then pay THREE mortgages/rents.  Because, yeah, paying TWO is lotsa fun.

For you fellow video game enthusiasts, drop everything and buy Just Cause 2.  This game is everything Grand Theft Auto games in this generation need to be.  Fun, exciting, go everywhere immediately and immersed in beautiful scenery while doing crazy shit on any type of vehicle.  SOOO FUN.

Enough from me for tonight.  Last night’s LOST may need a re-watch as it was just that awesome (Desmond episodes always are and “Happily Ever After” did not disappoint) or I probably should practice some more on the guitar.  In fact, I need to start thinking about what kind of guitar I should buy!  Who knew I’d be strumming the guitar like this one day?

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