Victoria’s Wisdom… Teeth

BB16 Episode 28 – August 27, 2014

You honestly didn’t think I’d talk about anything pertaining to Victoria’s wisdom, right?  Because as anyone who is watching this can attest, she’s absolutely the Goat of this season.  She’s doing nothing, and it’s paying off brilliantly for her.  EVERYONE in that house knows that if you bring Victoria to the final 2, you’re going to beat her.  Sure, she’ll get $50K, but you’re going to get $500K!  Unfortunately, this Victoria’s Wisdom Teeth were the only interesting element of this episode.

Donny Hopes For a Miracle

BB16_Ep28_DonnyPleadsforTAMissionDonny is the one who gets the Team America notification about the challenge being up to them.  He immediately thinks that the BEST idea is of course to keep Team America in the house.  Naturally, Derrick and Frankie aren’t all that into his idea, for obvious reasons.  We do have another go at Derrick talking to Donny about him not being the best target this week, but also points out that sitting next to Donny is a guaranteed game-killer.  So Team America is NOT going to go for the Save Donny mission, but I’ll get into that a little later.

In the meantime, we get some footage that potentially indicates that Donny or Nicole have a chance when we see Cody and Derrick strategizing about replacement nominees.  Much like last episode’s sessions, the focus is on Christine and Frankie.  Neither of them are trustworthy and it’s likely they’ll turn first, so why not turn on them first?  Derrick focuses Cody on staying on Donny, who has the potential to really do damage.

While watching these sessions, I knew the editors were fucking with us.  ESPECIALLY knowing that Cody doesn’t have the stomach for true game-changing moves.  It’s a fault and a smart way to play – Cody will get rid of a threat (Donny really is a threat to them), but he’s doing “what the house wants” and that is rarely ever rewarded.  Leadership and gutsy moves that work are rewarded.  Remember who a lot of the jury members are going to be – and if you can claim that you took one of the jury members’ hated enemies out (i.e., Frankie or Christine in Cody’s case; Derrick or Cody for anybody else) you get a LOT of points.  Alas, that’s not Cody’s mindset.  He keeps SAYING he wants and needs to make a move, but never pulls the trigger.  If he makes it to the Final 2 (highly unlikely as that is with Derrick keeping Victoria around), he still loses as he always did what the house (err, Derrick) wanted.

Victoria: 0, Wisdom Teeth: 1

BB16_Ep28_VictoriaSwollenSo the main drama in this episode revolved around Victoria’s medical emergency:  girlfriend’s wisdom teeth were coming in!  That sounds like a terrible thing to have to go through, so I am certainly NOT mocking Victoria’s physical ailments.  Her strategy (or more accurately, lack of strategy) and non-existent gameplay are certainly ripe for mocking though.  Even Frankie, who is hoping his friend’s blinding pain isn’t terrible, is really hoping it isn’t terrible enough to remove his easily-controlled vote from the game.

BB16_Ep28_NicoleHearsVictoriaFallSo Victoria wanders into the bathroom and a few moments later, Nicole hears a loud thud as Victoria collapses to the ground.  That’s kinda scary.  Now, I have to ask at this point…why didn’t Nicole jump into action?  Obviously she doesn’t have any medical supplies necessarily handy, but there are certain things I’d think a nurse would still be able to do as triage to help someone out.  She is a fresh graduate so perhaps that instinct hasn’t developed just yet.  I’ll give her a pass.

BB16_Ep28_VictoriaDown BB16_Ep28_VictoriaPassesOut BB16_Ep28_VictoriaOut BB16_Ep28_VictoriaRehydratesEEK.  I know from ridiculous pain from my sciatica days.   It’s so frustrating when you realize that your back muscles interact with everything you do, from standing and sitting and lying down to sneezing.  The one thing that wasn’t impacted was eating, which is probably where Victoria’s main medical problem came from.  The severe pain in her teeth likely led to dehydration since she probably didn’t eat or drink as much as she should.  Luckily doctors were there almost immediately and took care of her.

BB16_Ep28_VictoriaBetterAgain, I’m certainly not her biggest fan in the game and think a nice seat in the Jury House is calling out for her, but as a person, I’m glad she’s doing better.  Who am I kidding though?  She’s headed to the Final 2 unless the rest of the house wises up to Derrick’s machinations.

The Counting-Things Veto

BB16_Ep28_VetoCompThis particular game in Big Brother can usually be a bit more fun, but when you’ve got nearly half the ones playing who don’t know a bit about the strategy of the game, it’s very frustrating to watch.  BB16_Ep28_VetoComp_CupsSure, it was funny to see the confident Frankie eliminated first, but then to watch as Donny and Nicole completely fucked themselves by not even playing the last few rounds?  UGH.  They truly deserved to lose.

So yeah, Cody ended up winning fairly easily as Derrick and Christine knew exactly what to do to make sure he won; all they had to worry about was Donny and Nicole, which turned out not to be a worry at all.  UGH.

Team America Challenge:  HouseSwap, the Play

So Frankie’s idea for the Team America Challenge, instead of Operation Save Donny, was to put on a play.  He gets his way, putting on HouseSwap, in which the 8 current houseguests take on the role of one of the 8 evicted houseguests.  We only get to see 5 of the performances, with Christine, Cody and Nicole not shown.  Some were pretty good, especially Derrick as Jacosta (“Thank you Jesus!” and Donny as Devin, perfectly imitating Devin’s ever-present open smile.

Frankie as Joey:

BB16_Ep28_FrankieAsJoeyDonny as Devin:

BB16_Ep28_DonnyAsDevinCaleb as Hayden:

BB16_Ep28_CalebAsHaydenNicole was unimpressed and burned Caleb privately by saying that at least Hayden could get a girl in the BB House.

Derrick as Jacosta:

BB16_Ep28_DerrickAsJacostaNot only did he get in the “Thank you, Jesus” moment, we also got to see all the care (s)he needed from competitions.

Victoria as Amber:

BB16_Ep28_VictoriaAsAmberVictoria was playing on Amber wearing lingerie around the house, which Caleb does NOT remember as he knows he’d have passed the fuck out.

No Vetoes For You!

In the end, Cody decided not to use the Veto on anyone, meaning Nicole or Donny are headed out the door tonight.  It’s likely Donny, but Derrick may course-correct and decide Nicole should go.  The important thing here is that Derrick is making that decision and the house will go with it.  The question is, will the remaining houseguests figure this power structure out before it’s too late to do something about it?

Personally, Derrick deserves the win, but I am hoping for an interesting season home stretch and as it is playing now, it looks like the next few weeks aren’t shaping up to be surprising in the slightest!  But I will always hold out hope that the producers know the right curveballs to throw.

Status and Standings:

BB16_Ep28_StandingsHead of Household: Cody
Nominated for Eviction: Donny & Nicole
Power of Veto Winner: Cody
Veto Used?  Nope!


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