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Big Brother 15: Meltdown, Amanda Style

Episode 18 – August 7, 2013

GIRL!  WHAT in the holy hell are you doing?  You are single-handedly destroying your game, and potentially taking McCrae down with you.  Your Hobie’sGirl status is officially on probation until you can pull your head out of your ass.  Helen is all alone in the club now.  I might throw Judd in to the club as he’s been adorable thus far and is kinda like the Southern puppy you never knew you wanted till you had it.

Alright, I can’t do too long of a rundown tonight, even though there is plenty to discuss.  Let’s hit some of the high points:

America’s Nominee:

MVP Nominee: Amanda

The houseguests aren’t totally sure that the MVP is America, but with all the drama and uncertainty, they must figure it has to be.  I mean, I can’t take it seriously that they’d think Judd is the MVP and secretly a dastardly mastermind.  That’s like the thought that McCrae is not just a pizza delivery guy.  So America voted for Amanda to take the top spot – and this time, it seemed Aaryn is no longer on the hit list.  Even I’ve been admitting that her intolerance has been toned way down (by editing, I’m sure) and she’s gotten to be the sarcastic voice of the house.  Meanwhile, Amanda has gone batshit insane.  She’s sabotaging her showmance with McCrae with petty bullshit fights and needlessly antagonizing Candice and Aaryn.  I definitely used to think Amanda could run this game to the end, but I think the BB House has finally gotten to her.  I wouldn’t be surprised if McCrae votes against her so he doesn’t have to break up with her and face the wrath of a woman scorned.  McCrae’s right that Amanda would be one scorned woman.

The Power of Veto and those Prizes:

This was one of those Veto comps where one person is eliminated every round, and the loser each time gets to open a prize and decide to keep it or trade for something else. The first out always gets the Veto, and then as the game goes along, the next eliminated typically takes the Veto, except when there are great prizes to consider.  The good prizes this time?  $5000 and a Bahamas Vacation, going to Judd & Spencer.  The bad prizes?  Take a look:

bb15_ep18_tanamandaAmanda’s hourly spray tan, as seen above in the first image.  YIKES.  It was pretty damn funny and during this segment, I saw the old Amanda I grew to love.  I miss that Amanda.

bb15_ep18_conedginamarieGinaMarie, our fearless HoH, ended up getting this beauty of a prize.  It’s freakin’ hilarious, especially the fact that she really isn’t bothered by it.  GinaMarie has wormed her way back into my sorta-good graces, as she’s been funny.  Ever since the destruction of the RacismNow! and Moving Company alliances, she’s been mostly a periphery player piping in with a psycho Nick observation or something about New York.  Meaning, she’s been somewhat enjoyable.  We’ll see how long that lasts.

bb15_ep18_clowncandiceFinally, Candice ended up with the Clownitard – everyone was thinking that the Red Unitard was going to make a reappearance, but that has yet to happen again.  Ah, Jen….that takes me wayyyy back to many seasons ago.  Anyway, good ol’ Candice took this pretty much in stride and was working it as much as she could.

Power of Veto Winner: Jessie

In the end though, the Veto winner was Jessie – good ol’ Jessie who kept up the awkwardness with Aaryn and had plenty of tension with Amanda, although we certainly saw that Amanda ended up preoccupied with another houseguest.

Amanda the Crazed

Really, she’s losing it.  She had her blowup with Jessie last episode and Spencer with the episode before that.  Both of those were causing McCrae to stress out.  Then this week, she starts going after Candice during the Veto competition.  Sure, Candice was planting seeds in Judd’s ear, especially about how she is telling everyone that Judd is the MVP. Amanda was NOT having that so they had their little jabfest, and then when Candice was eliminated after Amanda, they got to stand next to each other and berate each other.  It was getting tedious quick and the other houseguests begged for them to stop.  Neither looked particularly good coming out of it, but it certainly seemed like Amanda was making more of a stink while Candice was just retaliating.

I’m torn, as I do have emotional history with Amanda.  I’d love to see her turn it around.  I also like Candice (Candyland, to some), and don’t get how she gets tagged as a drama queen when almost always, she’s just responding in kind.  At least, that’s how I see it.  I have no idea what any of this means to tonight’s first vote.

The Nominees for Tonight’s First Vote

Nominee #1: Candice
MVP Nominee: Amanda
Replacement Nominee: Spencer

As Jessie won, that meant GinaMarie had to replace her, so surprisingly, she put Spencer up.  Maybe it was to prevent there being too much blood out there but I guess it’s not a terrible choice.  I don’t think he’s going home though – I do think it’s going to be either Candice or Amanda.  And I wouldn’t be surprised if McCrae orchestrates Amanda’s exit just so his game isn’t disrupted anymore.  I think even Helen would be okay with it.  Looking forward to seeing what happens!   And then we get the craziness of a Double Elimination!!!  No idea what will happen then as strategy has very little to do with it and it’s all about quick dealmaking and planning.  Should be fun.

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