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8 Years Ago Today – Olympics Craziness! (+ Hotness)

I just realized that it’s “8/8/2016” which is 8 years after “8/8/8” (aka 8/8/2008) which was when NBC’s coverage of the Beijing Olympics began.  MAN.  That doesn’t feel like 8 years ago, but here we are. OS: Second Night – It is 4:27 and it’s also 8/8/08! It’s sometimes very strange to consider I used […]

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Winter Olympics, continued

Not that I have anything interesting to contribute towards the athletic side of things.  Although we did watch the snowboard cross events and that was awesome with it being a race against others and you’re flying super high in the air. Never something I’d ever do, but I enjoy watching others risk their lives! Back […]

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Winter Olympics

So the Opening Ceremonies for the Winter Olympics in Sochi are tonight.  Besides the fact that my work is directly impacted by them, I would only have one real reason to care about them, especially this year with the host country being a real piece of shit towards homosexuals.  Seriously, fuck Russia.  So the real […]

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Hoblites: 3 Aug 2012 Edition

Sometimes there is just a need to talk about random stuff but it doesn’t warrant a title all on its own, you know?  I’ve been overwhelming the site with Big Brother updates and I admit, they’re a blast to write.  It satisfies a “fix” to write about a specific topic and is also a challenge […]

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Olympics Hotness

Fanning self…. Is it just me (no it is not) but are the athletes on display this Olympics kinda ridiculously attractive?  From the obvious hotness (zomg, Ryan Lochte is ridiculously attractive) found in the swimmers group, there’s also pretty much total hotness in the USA men’s gymnastics team (Danell Leyva is droooooool worthy as is […]