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Winter Olympics, continued

Not that I have anything interesting to contribute towards the athletic side of things.  Although we did watch the snowboard cross events and that was awesome with it being a race against others and you’re flying super high in the air. Never something I’d ever do, but I enjoy watching others risk their lives!

Back to my point:  the hotness of these Olympics!   I briefly mentioned two figure skaters that were attractive and I am finally able to confirm that indeed Javier on the ice was pretty cute.  But then I saw some others, notably 2 of the men from the USA bobsled team….wow.  My interest was definitely triggered when NBC ran a story about these two who are roommates (Steve Langton and John Daly) and constantly go around shirtless.  It was such a homoerotic display I was sure they were about to go to town on each other.

There are PLENTY others to feast your eyes on but I don’t watch nearly enough Olympics, especially with House of Cards on.  And holy hell, the 11th episode of the 2nd season was quite unexpected.  HELLO, Meacham!

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