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Hoblites: 3 Aug 2012 Edition

Sometimes there is just a need to talk about random stuff but it doesn’t warrant a title all on its own, you know?  I’ve been overwhelming the site with Big Brother updates and I admit, they’re a blast to write.  It satisfies a “fix” to write about a specific topic and is also a challenge to somehow keep it interesting, not only for you, but for me.  Big Brother is on THREE times a week yet those crazy houseguests keep me entertained enough to continue writing.

My Olympic Hotness Interests, Updated:

As I wrote about before, there are some ridiculously hot guys in the XXX Olympics.  GRIN.  Yet the more Ryan Lochte opens his mouth and speaks or shows off that stupid-ass “grille” in his mouth, the more I realize he is an unbearable douchebag – still HOT, but meh in every other factor that there is.  Yet there are others…there are others.  Did you happen to notice the other hottie on the swim team, Nathan Adrian???  Hot, a gold medalist, humble, and actually well-spoken.  Here are some choice pics for you:

Nathan Adrian speedo goodness
Nathan Adrian speedo goodness
Adorable Nathan Adrian grin
Adorable Nathan Adrian grin
Hot and Not-Stupid Nathan Adrian
Hot and Not-Stupid Nathan Adrian19-Nov-2011 14:13, Phase One P30+, 7.1, 80.0mm, 0.005 sec, ISO 100
Notice the ripped speedo
Notice the ripped speedo

If you have your eyes open during my network’s pretty amazing coverage of the Olympics, you’ll see plenty (PLENTY) of other hotties throughout the US teams as well as many international teams too.  Congratulations to all the athletes, medal-winning or not.  It really is amazing to see what these folks can do – it’s still an effort to get back into running for me.  Which leads me to….

Return to Running!

With my sciatica seemingly tamed for the time being (I refuse to say cured because I just know if I’m overly careless, that badboy will motherfuckin’ come back and destroy me again) due to Physical Therapy and patience in resuming exercise routines, I have yet again embarked on adding running into my exercise routines.  I did jump back into it a month or so ago but after a week or so of aggressively running a lot more than I probably should have, I got serious pain in my right lower leg.  It didn’t feel like shin splints as it was on the in-side of my leg, not the front, and felt more like a muscle thing.  Regardless, I stopped and let my leg feel good again. It dawned on me I needed to fucking chill and take things easy as there was no way I could get back to 4-6 mile runs immediately.  I went to and will take their advice to heart, starting slow and building back up.  I know from experience that shin splints eventually aren’t a thing but that takes a lot of work.  But it will be nice to add this back into my life as it will help on keeping my weight under control.   Due to this addition along with not eating so richly with Larry being in NYC, my weight is at 180, the first time it’s been there since sometime in 2011.  No joke.  That sciatic injury really fucked me over and prevented me from really doing much exercise at all.  Ugh.  It will be nice to feel better about myself and resume being back to around 170.

Pouring My Heart Into Song

This picture was no joke, people!  Okay, it was, but that is a real guitar I’m holding.  And in 2010, I took lessons over the course of the entire year from New York Guitar School.  I got fairly decent, for a beginner.  Yet when we moved to LA in 2011, I never resumed taking lessons and my guitar ended up in its case, constantly sitting in the corner by the dining room table, unobtrusively reminding me that once, we used to make music together.  FINALLY, finally, this week, I took the guitar out of the case, tuned it (it surprisingly wasn’t ridiculously out of tune), and started slowly with just playing D, G, and A7 chords.  Ugh.  I had definitely blocked out the memory of painful fingertips as DAMN.  You definitely build up strange fingertip callouses on the left hand where you press down on the strings to make chords, but they’re necessary so you don’t cry from the pain.  I kept all my instructional materials and songs, so at this point, it’s me playing those three chords as well as Sublime’s “What I Got” and U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”.  And rocking the HELL out of them.  Even strumming patterns are coming back to me.  But yeah, painful fingertips.

Back to NYC, for a weekend

Finally, I’m flying out tonight to the NYC area (truly, I’m going to the part of New Jersey right across the river from Manhattan, but it’s a lot more cool to say New York or NYC) because Larry’s mom is getting married.  It’s supposed to be hot as balls out there.  Yay!  But I’m excited to see the family back there as well as the potential chance to see the city.  Flying back Monday so it’s a real quick trip.  Larry then stays out there till near the end of the month.  Feh.  🙂

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