Summertime in the City (MM)

So here’s the scoop and to catch you up on what’s been going on during this dreadfully hot summer so far:

  • I don’t have a Schlotzky ring.  After the endoscopy, the Doc told me that his initial guess was wrong.  Instead, and after verifying with the lab who analyzed the biopsy, it turns out I have Eosinophilic Esophagitis, which is typically associated with allergies.  So I went and saw an allergist.  Besides nuts, which I didn’t need to take a painful test for, I did find out I’m allergic to Soy.  Hmmm.  At least it wasn’t chicken.  One other thing – going under anasthesia is such a bizarre experience.  You honestly have no idea you were unconscious until it’s over and you’re waking up.  I do NOT like that feeling.
  • This year’s summer in NYC is awful.  It’s hot, and it’s humid, and I can’t run my A/C and watch TV at the same time as it blows out my fuse in the apartment.  That….sucks.
  • Larry & I have been managing to get out and see and do things.  Lots of pictures can you show things like the Billy Joel booze cruise, etc.  But we also went and saw another Broadway show finally.  On the July 4th weekend, we went down to TKTS and got discounted tickets for Promises, Promises, which ended up being a very good and entertaining show.  It is so wonderful to see Kristin Chenoweth and Sean Hayes in person too.  They’re both very talented.  The Tony-award winning supporting actress though really made the show, as her character was this boozy bar dame who hits on Sean Hayes’ character.  SOOO funny.
  • Work has been stressful and good all at the same time.  Hopefully we’ll be hiring people soon.  Found some decent folks finally.  It would be nice to have a full team again. Just sayin’. I may be headed back out to Los Angeles in the early part of August.
  • Will be seeing Pat in the beginning of August, which is cool.  Hopefully the weather is a bit more bearable!
  • Finished up my second Beginner’s Guitar School course.  I am pretty proud of how much progress I’ve made in playing the guitar.  It’s funny remembering how awkward it was to just strum a chord or two, and now I feel a lot more confident in being actually able to play a song.  Our last song that we played as a “recital” was Jack Johnson’s “Wanting, Waiting, Wishing” song which is fun and challenging to play.  We did a good job at it. I’m hoping to fit in one more course before leaving for Los Angeles for good.  I’d like to get in some more core knowledge from this school, as it is a great place to learn.  Everyone’s so upbeat and positive about guitar there.

And that’s pretty much the most of what’s going on. I hope you’re watching Big Brother 12 like I am.  It’s not the best season at this point, but it’s BB, so it’s of course entertaining.  My favorites now are Britney as she’s so bitchy and funny, as well as Lane, as he’s just big and kinda cute.  Brendon was high on my list before as the man is just beautiful, but he’s quite the idiot, and not in a lovable Jeff from BB11 way.  Rachel is sorta growing on me, but that laugh can peel paint off the wall.  Ugh.

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