Off on a Thursday…But Working on the Weekend (MM)

So I have today and tomorrow off because of the Olympics, but I am working on Saturday and Sunday.  Then yay, back to a normal type day.  It is nice to have a random schedule every now and then, but to be honest, for my workout schedule, I much prefer to have my regular day schedule so that when I’m done at work, I take the elevator up to the 8th floor in 30 Rock and use the gym.  Since the renovation over the winter break, the gym is a lot nicer now.  Way better equipment and a nice area for stretching and crunches.  I am in such pain though as it’s been a while since I’ve been regularly weight training.  And I did squats and lots of arm stuff on Monday…and DAMN I am sore.  I’ve been running a lot in order to get myself ready for the half-marathon but that doesn’t help your muscles much.  Oy.  Unfortunately today in NYC the weather is bleak and constantly snowing.  It’s like “heavy” snowfall too, although I don’t think it’s really accumulating too much as it’s relatively warm.   But here’s what it looks like out my window today, courtesy of my uploaded video to YouTube:

Okay, so in this clip it’s a tad hard to see the snow.  But it is falling pretty dramatically.

Anyway, I’ve been uploading my old site slowly but surely.  Got through a lot of 2007 this past weekend and all of my 2007 Europe trip with Susan and Jeff.  Ah the memories.  Also, since Amazing Race is on again, I’m writing the recaps for the Secret Scenes from the CBS site on Realitynewsonline.  So check those out from the ARTICLES link above.

And tonight is my fourth guitar lesson!  I’ve learned six chords so far – D, G, Em, A7, D7, and C.  I am a golden god!


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