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What Blog? Oh Yeah, I Have One of Those!

So….yeah….the dog ate my website?  I’ve been ecstatically lazy when it has come to this website, as you can see.  Facebook has been easier to post sporadic updates, but I admit I don’t even post there all that often.  Just when I want to brag or something.  LOL.  But I also don’t really think Facebook posts lend themselves to my extremely verbose nature.  So then it came back to the fact that I was lazy and then I moved and then I was all, “hey, there’s the beach!”.  So yeah, then I finally got the wake-up call I needed:  Sgt Jenny saying write a fucking website wouldja?

That’s the very short version for why I haven’t written an entry here for nearly 9 months.  Oy.  Obviously plenty has changed in that time:  Larry moved in with me during the remainder of our time in NYC’s wonderful Upper West Side, and then we both moved out together to sunny California as NBC was happy to let me move out here.  So yay on that front.  We found a swank place to live with a roof deck, as seen above.  While the rest of the country melts under the Heat Dome, here in Santa Monica it may not break 70 degrees today.  Seriously.   I bought a new car when I moved out here – a white Mazda 3 that is named Sandy, since she’s a white girl at the beach.  The rest is just nitnoid details that you’ve probably seen on Facebook and the like.

I’m still torn as to where to post pictures – I’ve learned that Apple is going to discontinue the MobileMe service in June of 2012 meaning I have to find another place to host a website.  Because of that it makes little sense to continue hosting pictures here, not to mention the fact that the pictures capability of iWeb is a little, how do I say, fucktarded.  I’ve just joined Google+ and seriously, that ties EVERYTHING together – my email, Picasa, and a bit o’ Facebookness.  Although I only have like 12 connections there, so it’s a tad boring.  But I have a ton of pictures already on Picasa up to about 2009, so I’d like to continue there.  As I really don’t like Facebook having all my pics.  Why oh why am I rambling about pictures????

Michancy is coming down today for a weekend respite from the unholy hell inferno that is Las Vegas.  I looked at a heat map from NOAA and while most of the country is a nice period Red, Las Vegas is that deep dark crimson that means something bad if you see it in your kleenex.  So yeah, I bet she’ll appreciate the cool temps here this weekend.  We’ll probably do sake bombs at the within-walking distance sushi place, Misofishi, and then of course get shitfaced.  And that’s just tonight!!!!

And can I just say, I loved Harry Potter 7 Part 2?  Admittedly, I wish that some things had been tackled differently or with more verve, but overall, it was worth sitting through the HP7 movie marathon in the AMC last weekend.  I’d like to catch it once more in IMAX though, as I imagine that must have been mind-blowing.  I totally want to see Horrible Bosses too though, and Captain America, for obvious reasons:

I mean, DAMN.  I could watch a movie of this in some sort of animated GIF format for at least 30 minutes.  I’d probably like some kind of undressing scene too, just since I’m putting it all out there.  Did I say I’m gay?  If not, it’s quite obvious now, isn’t it????  Drool….Chris Evans…..

Wow, this is fun. I forgot taking to my blog in the 2000s and just letting loose with verbal vomit.  Those Las Vegas days were particularly choice.

I’m back, bitches.

The Snowpocalypse May Finally Be Hitting NYC

I’m baaacck!  Let’s catch you up on some stuff:

  • I’m taking guitar lessons from the NYC Guitar School.  My first lesson was last Thursday night and it was really cool.  As of now, I only know the D and the G chords.  I even can somewhat transition between the two without taking a minute to do so.  But other than that, not much knowledge yet.  I anticipate getting better.  I WILL get better.  And yes, I will learn to play “Smoke on the Water”, and I will post a YouTube video of it for all of you to see and bow to its glory.  Hahahahahahahahaha!
  • I am working on porting over my previous incarnation of hobiebarnes.com onto this new server – you can find a link to it in the THE OLD SITE link at the top menu bar there.  Go ahead, click.  So far, only 2008 is up and available.  Got all of 2001-2007 to do still.  Yowza!
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race is like the best show ever.  RuPaul is so freakin’ hilarious and these drag queens are reDONKULOUS.  This week’s episode had the press-on claws out in all their dragalicious glory.  I would cry after spending an hour amongst them as the cattiness makes even ME weep.  I know.  But RuPaul is so damn fierce.  And when these guys are in all their LadyGlory and working their shit, it is amazing.  You can’t look away. So glad Logo is an available network on Time Warner now!
  • LOST is back!  The last and sixth season has been amazing so far, and it’s only been three hours of episodes so far.  Claire! NotClaire! Locke!  NotLocke! So many great stories and characters.  So sad its going to end in a few months.
  • The 2010 Winter Olympics are almost here.  That means it’s back to weird support schedules.  But that’s okay.  At least for these Olympics, since they’re not taking place 12 hours away, we don’t have to worry about providing 24/7 support and only have to make sure that we’re around between 9am through 2am.  Yay!
  • Valentine’s Day – and I have an awesome guy to spend it with.  At least the day portion of it. I have to work that night.  🙁
  • Alright, I’m signing off for now – I’ll probably come back with some pictures from our buried aliveness.

2010, or the Year We Make Contact

I don’t know about you, but I am glad to have 2009 as a vague blur in the rear-view mirror.   Sure, there were some bright spots, but I think I am looking forward to making 2010 much more memorable, positive, and overall a palate-cleanser.

I went home for the holidays which was awesome as it was almost always in the 60s as that is just how LA rolls.  Larry went with me but had to leave on Christmas Eve as he had a family emergency.  So the holiday turned out to be pretty much just like the ones before it, with me hanging out and doing the family stuff.  Saw the Polocks on Christmas Eve, saw Harv’s family on Christmas and got to see a pre-birth Mila (and the rest of the MHS crowd) a day or so later.  Good times, good times, and all available to see in the MY PICS section.

Now I am back in New York City.  As anyone who watches TV knows, NBC is surrounding itself in lots of fun drama.  First was the announcement that NBC Universal was getting bought by Comcast.  That seems like old news now with the whole Late Wars 2 thing going on.  Frankly, I’m on Conan’s side of this.  Leno has had his time – it’s time for him to move on.  I wish that as a fellow NBC employee that is something I could convey to him, but alas, I have probably no more power than you do to pass along some advice.  We really do have a big hole to dig ourselves out of now that we’ve given up on the 10pm Leno Show.  I fully admit right here and now – I thought that this had a chance of succeeding.  I thought this of course before the Jay Leno Show actually debuted.  Once I saw that it was nothing more than ‘The Tonight Show Lite’, then I knew that Jay Leno had basically botched this opportunity to do something truly groundbreaking.  I still believe he could have made that 10pm show successful.   Now, we have to scramble to get 5 shows to put on at 10pm.  Too bad we gave away Southland to TNT.  I think NBC just hates anything that has the glimmer of possibility on it.  We keep trudging along though, faithfully ensuring that all 4 hours of the Today show and all 3 nights of the Biggest Loser get broadcast without incident.  And we do it good.

As for my 2010 plans?  I will be starting the Spring off with a NYC Half Marathon!  I put my name in the lottery as you just can’t show up there and run 13.1 miles, you dolt.  No no no.  You have to have a special T-Shirt and number to run properly.  Both Larry & I put our names in – Larry found out first he didn’t get selected and I just didn’t hear anything for a day.  Overnight though, I found out I got in.  Holy crap!  So now I actually have to train!  It’s good though. I’ve put on a fair bit of weight over the past two months as I have been L – A – Z – motherfuckin’ – Y.  This will light the fire under my ass to get me back to my fightin’ weight of 165 (or less!).

I also made a resolution to be more social.  That not only includes staying in touch more, but also working on this damn site some more.  My writing hero is Richard Lawson of Gawker.com.  He has a way, a style of writing that is so visual, so comfortable, so seemingly effortless that I wish I could ask him all about how he does it.  He can write about the Real Housewives of Orange County and it comes across as Shakespeare.  <sigh>

Small updates to the site have been occurring.  I made an About Me page with stuff about me as well as links to some of my friends’ websites as well as just favorite browsing links.  I also started to try transferring some of my old hobiebarnes.com site journal entries into this format.  Alas, it is a lot of work.  It could be worth it for the pictures capability, but damn, it’s not easy.  I may have ot figure out how to put in existing html pages into the site so it’s linkable and available for perusing.  That’s a whole lotta my life that’s now gone dark!

Transition Trouble (MM)

So my website has been having transition issues.  I finally broke away from Gate.com and now my site is hosted by Apple/MobileMe.  But there’s a lot of work to make all the magic happen.  I had to transfer the whole ‘hobiebarnes.com’ idea from one overlord to another, and they take their sweet-ass time releasing it to the new overlord.  Then once that finally finished about a week later, I started messing with settings in order to make it look like normal.  Then I broke my email while doing that.  So some of this past weekend was spent working all that out.  Needless to say, it’s all been hopefully resolved.  If you type in hobiebarnes.com, you should make it here.  And it will actually say hobiebarnes.com and not web.me.com/hobiewan76, which works still, but is dreadfully not all about ME, at least in the URL.

What’s been going on?  I had my birthday, and it was fantastic.  After work (you can see pics from while I was AT work on my birthday in the My Pics link at the top of this page) I met Larry at the very swank DB Bistro Moderne.  It is very modern in decor and the food is a little fancy, but it was delicious.  I ended up eating Foie Gras!  Pretty good.  For dinner I got the Hangar Steak which was dyn-o-mite.  Larry definitely made this birthday special, and I am a lucky guy indeed.

Nov 3, 2009 – Birthday Pics While at Work

03-Nov-2009 08:39, Canon Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS, 8.0, 6.2mm, 0.005 sec, ISO 80
03-Nov-2009 09:34, Canon Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS, 2.8, 6.2mm, 0.02 sec, ISO 200
03-Nov-2009 09:35, Canon Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS, 4.0, 11.614mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 200
03-Nov-2009 09:41, Canon Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS, 2.8, 6.2mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 200
03-Nov-2009 10:30, Canon Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS, 4.9, 18.6mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 250
03-Nov-2009 10:30, Canon Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS, 4.9, 18.6mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 250
03-Nov-2009 11:29, Canon Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS, 2.8, 6.2mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 200
03-Nov-2009 13:25, Canon Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS, 2.8, 6.2mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 200
03-Nov-2009 13:25, Canon Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS, 2.8, 6.2mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 200

The weekend was a bit of a bust, as Larry had to work during most of it.  It was weird, this was one of the first weekends in a loooooong time (at least that I can remember), where we didn’t spend much of all of it together.  It kinda sucked!  I did manage to get to play a ton of Grand Theft Auto 4 on my PS3 which was addicting as hell.

Then today I was told “fucking get over here and just fix it.”  Yes, I love my job.  I do my best normally to just let shit flow off as it’s not worth it to try to take it personally, but this was just so unexpected and totally surprising I couldn’t help but get enraged.  ENRAGED.  I am fortunately able to not get myself into any trouble, but it does mean for this person that they need to watch their mouth.  I am a spiteful bitch (read the Scorpio sections of horoscopes and you’ll see) and my memory is LONG.

So that’s that.  If you wanna comment, please do so.  Even on pictures.  That was part of my motivation to actually move my site over, as there’s lots of interactive features if you host it with Apple.  So I did!  And MobileMe is pretty damn awesome as you can have a floating cloud of storage that I can access anywhere, even from my iPhone.  I am the Borg.

En Vogue 20 Year Anniversary?!?

Now this is some damn cool news.  The ORIGINAL En Vogue are all back together and touring again.  If you grew up in the 1990s or at the very least turned on a pop radio station, you no doubt heard these songs throughout the times, such as “My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It)”, “Free Your Mind”, “Hold On”, “Love (Don’t Let Go)”, and “Givin’ Him Something He Can Feel.”  Trust me, there are many more awesome songs by this group, as I became a fan during the Funky Divas era, then picked up their first album, Born to Sing immediately thereafter.  They then released an EP called Runaway Love which had the new song plus some remixes of their Funky Divas song.  Then the drama began.  It’s not clear what really happened, but whatever happened happened and Dawn Robinson (the one on the left in the pic) had quit the group.  She did so right before they were about to release their next album, which was hastily re-recorded and renamed EV3.  It was a fantastic album still, but it nevertheless was missing Dawn’s amazing voice.  Another album was released a few years later called Masterpiece Theater which again I really loved, but that album definitely tanked with everyone else.  They were dropped by their label, and that’s when En Vogue definitely left the spotlight.  The core group members rotated in and out, replaced by some temps as they would do sporadic shows here and there.  I’d mostly relegated them to my “Memories o’ the 90s” long term brain storage, breaking out their albums every now and then to relive the fun of their music and to bring back the 90s too.  Wow.  The 90s!

Needless to say, when I found out my friend was headed to one of their shows tonight, I had to do some Internet research.  Sure enough, all 4 of the original group are back together and touring.  Even a new album is being rumored.  HOLY SHIT.  That is so awesome and incredible.  What blew my mind was reading that it was under the auspice of being their TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY.  Another holy shit on that one.  But it’s true.  <sigh>.  As most can rightfully say, En Vogue has been out of the mainstream scene for a while now, so it’ll be interesting if they can break back in.  All of the members have amazing voices and put any of their contemporaries to shame, including the illustrious Destiny’s Child.  All sang lead and no one was the “Beyonce” or “Diana Ross” as every one had their moment to shine.  I always just loved their songs.

One time, while I was working at Bookstar in the Beverly Connection (both Bookstar and the Beverly Connection are either now no longer in existence or nothing like what they used to be), I was walking from the parking garage to work.  In the garage, I noticed this awesome BMW convertible being driven by a very attractive black woman.  She looked familiar, but I didn’t know why.  After checking in at work and taking my station at the main register, that same woman had come in to buy some books.  And she was at my register.  And when she gave me her credit card, the name was Terry Ellis (!!!!!!!!!!).  I nearly fell out.  I couldn’t help myself and I immediately told her how much I loved her and En Vogue.  There was no way I couldn’t say something.  So that is my closest brush with En Vogue.  I swear if they go on another concert tour to promote hopefully a new album, I will so be attending, just like I vowed when Madonna went on another tour.  So here’s hoping!

In other news, I’m trying my best to wrap up some website transitions.  I am going to be officially closing down my other site so for probably a long while, my old site’s contents will be MIA.  I have them all saved to many places now so I can put them back eventually.  I am hoping that the DNS change is going to kick in soon so that the domain hobiebarnes.com will now be autodirected to this new site.  It has comments capability on the blog and pictures, as well as a built-in search feature.  Also, it’s MobileMe, which is an Apple product and allows you to have a whole LOT of synchronization with your iPhone and the ability to keep data stored in a central server place.  I probably just geeked out to a lot of people who didn’t understand one word I said.  Sorry!!

Anyway, one thing is that if you have my email saved as hobie@hobiebarnes.com, well, that email will probably stop working very soon.  So you’ll need to make sure that you use hobiewan76 @  gmail.com.  That will get you my attention!