The Snowpocalypse May Finally Be Hitting NYC

I’m baaacck!  Let’s catch you up on some stuff:

  • I’m taking guitar lessons from the NYC Guitar School.  My first lesson was last Thursday night and it was really cool.  As of now, I only know the D and the G chords.  I even can somewhat transition between the two without taking a minute to do so.  But other than that, not much knowledge yet.  I anticipate getting better.  I WILL get better.  And yes, I will learn to play “Smoke on the Water”, and I will post a YouTube video of it for all of you to see and bow to its glory.  Hahahahahahahahaha!
  • I am working on porting over my previous incarnation of onto this new server – you can find a link to it in the THE OLD SITE link at the top menu bar there.  Go ahead, click.  So far, only 2008 is up and available.  Got all of 2001-2007 to do still.  Yowza!
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race is like the best show ever.  RuPaul is so freakin’ hilarious and these drag queens are reDONKULOUS.  This week’s episode had the press-on claws out in all their dragalicious glory.  I would cry after spending an hour amongst them as the cattiness makes even ME weep.  I know.  But RuPaul is so damn fierce.  And when these guys are in all their LadyGlory and working their shit, it is amazing.  You can’t look away. So glad Logo is an available network on Time Warner now!
  • LOST is back!  The last and sixth season has been amazing so far, and it’s only been three hours of episodes so far.  Claire! NotClaire! Locke!  NotLocke! So many great stories and characters.  So sad its going to end in a few months.
  • The 2010 Winter Olympics are almost here.  That means it’s back to weird support schedules.  But that’s okay.  At least for these Olympics, since they’re not taking place 12 hours away, we don’t have to worry about providing 24/7 support and only have to make sure that we’re around between 9am through 2am.  Yay!
  • Valentine’s Day – and I have an awesome guy to spend it with.  At least the day portion of it. I have to work that night.  🙁
  • Alright, I’m signing off for now – I’ll probably come back with some pictures from our buried aliveness.

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