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Christmas and 60-Degree Temperatures (MM)

It’s time to head back to Los Angeles for the holidays!  I’m glad I got at least one good snowstorm hit before I left – I’m sure you heard about the East Coast getting hit with some decent snow this past weekend.  It was much worse down in Maryland than it was here in NYC.  […]


If You Seek Amy

That’s the title of one of Britney Spears’ new songs and if you say it just right, it is also highly juvenile yet HILARIOUS.  I can’t believe one of her songs is titled that. WELL!  Here’s where things stand now that it’s 2009 – I now have TWO apartments and ONE house.  I have officially become a […]

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Greatest Hits 2007-style

I did this last year and it’s kind of fun to reminisce and really think about what happened in my life this past year. ESPECIALLY this year. I guess before I begin – and this may be a long post, so you have been warned, I’ll post my holiday pictures up from my trip back […]

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Going Home For Christmas

Made the reservations yesterday – I’m going to be home in LA for Christmas for the first time in a few years. Yay!!!! It’ll be nice to be back. I know i’ll get to see Mom’s side of the family, but I’m hoping to shoot for seeing some of the Dad side too. I won’t […]