Christmas and 60-Degree Temperatures (MM)

It’s time to head back to Los Angeles for the holidays!  I’m glad I got at least one good snowstorm hit before I left – I’m sure you heard about the East Coast getting hit with some decent snow this past weekend.  It was much worse down in Maryland than it was here in NYC.  My friend Jeff got about 18 inches while here I think the official tally was eight inches.  But I think that was the most I’ve seen fall and stick here since I’ve lived in this area.  The snow storms have been muy disappointing especially considering that even Colorado Springs’ snow was more than this, and that’s considered fairly wimpy weather.  Except for those white-outs which still bring me the shakes remembering that scary-ass drive home I had in one from Cheyenne Mountain.  Yowza – I was so happy just to be home at that point.

But of course, I digress.  I’m heading home along with Larry this year.  It’ll be fun to see lots of family and friends.  I can’t believe Mila is about to have a baby!!!  WTF?  I hope it’ll be a nice break from NBC and a chance to recharge.  I’ll bring my laptop with me but alas, the network connectivity at Casa Swiss Trails is pretty non-existent.  So updates will be waiting for a little bit until I get back.  I return to NYC next Tuesday, just in time so I can do my year-end reviews.  Yay!

If I’m not seeing you in person, I just want to wish you a Merry Christmas!

New Pics:  Do check out the My Pics section – not too many new pictures but I did take some recently!

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