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Visited by Fran and Other Photo Stories

Fran made a Los Angeles visit at precisely the right time, as she was able to be out here while the pretty intense snowstorm / blizzard went on back east.  That storm didn’t end up dumping a ton of snow on NYC and New Jersey but it definitely hit Boston and New England pretty hard. […]

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A Wicked Saturday

So great to get a chance to see Wicked again, this time with mom and Larry!

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Going Home For Christmas

Made the reservations yesterday – I’m going to be home in LA for Christmas for the first time in a few years. Yay!!!! It’ll be nice to be back. I know i’ll get to see Mom’s side of the family, but I’m hoping to shoot for seeing some of the Dad side too. I won’t […]

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Defying Gravity

This has certainly been one hell of a birthday weekend. It definitely defied expectations especially for being brand new to the city and having a very small small initial group of friends. The week at work has been good – still making lots of progress and I think that I will totally not get fired. […]