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Fun Times at the Movies

Okay, so I’m reaching here but I’m kind of tired and my gift for headlines is failing me.   But the movies do have to do with the two topics I’m talking about today! First up – let’s talk about The Wizarding World of Harry Potter that is opening up at Universal Studios Hollywood!  Yes, yes, […]

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Running & Eating

No one should ever run and eat at the same time!  That’s terrible and will likely end in a mess.  But I’ve got nothing else in mind for a post title, so here we are. Our Yearly Run in the Universal Backlot 5k We’ve done this run for the last 5 years and it’s been […]

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Visited by Fran and Other Photo Stories

Fran made a Los Angeles visit at precisely the right time, as she was able to be out here while the pretty intense snowstorm / blizzard went on back east.  That storm didn’t end up dumping a ton of snow on NYC and New Jersey but it definitely hit Boston and New England pretty hard. […]


A Universal Day with Fran

I won’t go into the whole excursion today as I’m pretty damn tired, but here are just a tiny sampling of the pics I took today.  By the way, it was freakin’ glorious weather today and the Santa Ana winds ensured an absolutely gorgeous clarity in the air.  Just great.

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Larry on the Lot!

Today was a fun day, especially considering it was just your average Tuesday.  First, Larry traveled on up to the backlot of Universal Studios where I happen to work!  He rode the Metro here as we were going to North Hollywood for dinner and a movie (Nebraska – more on that in tomorrow’s post) and […]