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Bowling on my 40th

The fun kept on going, with last night being a fun birthday party event at the PINZ bowling alley in Studio City.  Both Larry & Barb coordinated and set up this fun event, in which we rented two lanes and had the next-door Jerry’s Famous Deli cater the event.  Really good food (pizza, wings, hummus & pita, veggies) along with drinks provided by a helpful personal waiter made sure that we had all that we needed while getting some bowling action in.  Truth be told, I think the last time I bowled was shortly before leaving Colorado Springs back in 2007…?  Well, that long drought contributed to my bowling skills being pretty poor, but it was of course still so much fun, especially hanging out with a lot of fun people.  We got in 2 games, during which I managed to get a few strikes, and only broke 100 in the 2nd game.  But as you drink more and more beer, it really doesn’t matter.

My friends were also very generous and got me some gifts, to which I’m very thankful.  I imagine my birthday week ends today, but here’s hoping the election is keyed towards also being a happy gift.  In other words, Hillary needs to win this thing and just get it done.

Alright, pictures!

Nov 5, 2016 – Bowling at PINZ for my 40th

40 + a day

Well, Larry put in a ton of effort and what does he get out of it?  He’s sick.  🙁  Might be work and this election cycle also grinding his immune system down, so he stayed home today to get better.  I also worked from home and made soup and got OTC medicines.  Here’s hoping he’s better for tomorrow, as there’s not only more birthday stuff ahead, but we signed up for a 10k race on Hollywood Boulevard tomorrow.

Last night was great though – Larry let me open my gifts first, which were fantastic.  He picked up Madonna’s first two albums in LP format (Madonna and Like a Virgin, with the latter being my very first cassette, so yay, exciting!), as well as The Sound of Music soundtrack in LP!  He also really surprised me and got me a new guitar to replace the one that I lost when our storage unit was broken into.  Now I have to get back to taking lessons as it really was a fun thing to do!

Dinner at Lawry’s was simply amazing. I’d never been there before, shockingly!  It’s quite an experience, with a fun server and delicious food all brought and made table-side.  We both had the Original Lawry’s Cut of their peerless Prime Rib, along with the decadent corn, mashed potatoes, and spinach.  SO GOOD.  Best prime rib, really.  Still thinking about it, to be honest.  Alright, pictures!

2016 11 03 – Birthday Dinner!

40 it is, then

Well, shit, here it is, and I am now 40 years old.  Do I feel 40?  Not really.  I still feel good (knock on wood), I’m generally happy with life, and all things considered, it’s kind of great to have the wisdom that comes with having lived those 40 years.  Do I dread the aches and pains and other mental anguishes likely heading my way as we head to 50?  Sure!  But for now, in this moment, I’m pretty jazzed with how things are going.  Looking at those pictures of me turning 30 from an earlier post just kind of crack me up still – that feels like an eternity ago.  So here are some pictures that I can look back at in another 10 years of when I turned 40.  I did end up going in to work for a half day, and my friends there took me out to Phillippe’s for lunch, as one does when it’s time for a special occasion.  Soooo good.

Tonight, Larry is taking me to Lawry’s, which is a first time for me.  Surprisingly, I’ve never been, so I’ll finally get to see what the ultimate Prime Rib is like!

Goodbye, Thirties!

1-img_5271Tomorrow’s the big Four Oh and I guess I’m not feeling too melodramatic about it, but not exactly excited about it either.  It IS 40, after all.  But Larry has survived, so I guess I can too.

But seriously….HOW AM I TURNING 40 TOMORROW????

Last Weekend in my Thirties

This year, 2016, has just been a shitshow.  Giant Asterisk, of course:  Getting married and going on our honeymoon in September was pretty sweet.  But other than that, it’s hard to look fondly at 2016.  And here I am having the last weekend of my thirties and while I’m not considering jumping out of a window it still is kind of like a big WTF.  How did we get from this:

When I turned 30
When I turned 30

to this?

My face when thinking about turning 40
My face when thinking about turning 40

The 10 years in between have gone by like crazy.  Is it really possible that I ended up living in NYC and New Jersey for a stretch, met the love of my life, and then ended up back in Los Angeles?  That all really happened, didn’t it?  I guess it did, and this here website kind of showed all those details too.  Still blows my mind though.  And maybe those 10 years didn’t exactly go by in the blink of an eye, but now that I’m at the precipice of 40?  Sometimes it feels like it.  40 is the new 30, though, so it’s all good. Continue reading Last Weekend in my Thirties