40 it is, then

Well, shit, here it is, and I am now 40 years old.  Do I feel 40?  Not really.  I still feel good (knock on wood), I’m generally happy with life, and all things considered, it’s kind of great to have the wisdom that comes with having lived those 40 years.  Do I dread the aches and pains and other mental anguishes likely heading my way as we head to 50?  Sure!  But for now, in this moment, I’m pretty jazzed with how things are going.  Looking at those pictures of me turning 30 from an earlier post just kind of crack me up still – that feels like an eternity ago.  So here are some pictures that I can look back at in another 10 years of when I turned 40.  I did end up going in to work for a half day, and my friends there took me out to Phillippe’s for lunch, as one does when it’s time for a special occasion.  Soooo good.

Tonight, Larry is taking me to Lawry’s, which is a first time for me.  Surprisingly, I’ve never been, so I’ll finally get to see what the ultimate Prime Rib is like!

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