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Well, Larry put in a ton of effort and what does he get out of it?  He’s sick.  🙁  Might be work and this election cycle also grinding his immune system down, so he stayed home today to get better.  I also worked from home and made soup and got OTC medicines.  Here’s hoping he’s better for tomorrow, as there’s not only more birthday stuff ahead, but we signed up for a 10k race on Hollywood Boulevard tomorrow.

Last night was great though – Larry let me open my gifts first, which were fantastic.  He picked up Madonna’s first two albums in LP format (Madonna and Like a Virgin, with the latter being my very first cassette, so yay, exciting!), as well as The Sound of Music soundtrack in LP!  He also really surprised me and got me a new guitar to replace the one that I lost when our storage unit was broken into.  Now I have to get back to taking lessons as it really was a fun thing to do!

Dinner at Lawry’s was simply amazing. I’d never been there before, shockingly!  It’s quite an experience, with a fun server and delicious food all brought and made table-side.  We both had the Original Lawry’s Cut of their peerless Prime Rib, along with the decadent corn, mashed potatoes, and spinach.  SO GOOD.  Best prime rib, really.  Still thinking about it, to be honest.  Alright, pictures!

2016 11 03 – Birthday Dinner!

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