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Last Weekend in my Thirties

This year, 2016, has just been a shitshow.  Giant Asterisk, of course:  Getting married and going on our honeymoon in September was pretty sweet.  But other than that, it’s hard to look fondly at 2016.  And here I am having the last weekend of my thirties and while I’m not considering jumping out of a […]

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We Moved!

I had a good long run going for updates on the site….not a perfect run, but definitely a very active and responsible run.  But then, moving happened and now look at me.  Well, no time for excuses – it’s been hectic and exhausting moving to Glendale but it has been completely worth all of the […]

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Who Me, Stressed?

This week was my first one in which I’d spend the entire week at work without any bit of training, even a 1-day jaunt to Atlanta! So the beginning of the week was me first having a bit of a stress-out realizing that I have to start making things happen!  Guess what?  Things started happening […]