Bowling on my 40th

The fun kept on going, with last night being a fun birthday party event at the PINZ bowling alley in Studio City.  Both Larry & Barb coordinated and set up this fun event, in which we rented two lanes and had the next-door Jerry’s Famous Deli cater the event.  Really good food (pizza, wings, hummus & pita, veggies) along with drinks provided by a helpful personal waiter made sure that we had all that we needed while getting some bowling action in.  Truth be told, I think the last time I bowled was shortly before leaving Colorado Springs back in 2007…?  Well, that long drought contributed to my bowling skills being pretty poor, but it was of course still so much fun, especially hanging out with a lot of fun people.  We got in 2 games, during which I managed to get a few strikes, and only broke 100 in the 2nd game.  But as you drink more and more beer, it really doesn’t matter.

My friends were also very generous and got me some gifts, to which I’m very thankful.  I imagine my birthday week ends today, but here’s hoping the election is keyed towards also being a happy gift.  In other words, Hillary needs to win this thing and just get it done.

Alright, pictures!

Nov 5, 2016 – Bowling at PINZ for my 40th

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