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A Nice Weekend

I’ve discovered I can start crying at the drop of a hat.  Okay, to be more specific, grieving for me can be “okay one minute – absolutely crestfallen the next.”  It’s obviously what grief is in terms of a definition, but it just can take a lot out of you.  This morning, I woke up and just started crying, and that was because I started just thinking about all the things that have happened or are happening in my life, and it just made me sad and anxious.  I have to trust that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but right now, it’s all tunnel.

Why am I writing that?   Just that when nice things happen, it’s good to enjoy them, as I can find myself very easily in the midst of crying.   So this past weekend, it got started out right by having dinner with Carey & Paras at the Sugarfish in Hollywood.  As I’ve raved previously, Sugarfish is the shit.  The best sushi around especially at the price point you get it at.

The key is to get there a little ahead of the rush – we got seated around 5:45, which was perfect.   When we left around 7, the waiting area was packed, and since Sugarfish doesn’t do reservations, you gotta wait.  We then headed down the street to Arclight to see The Gentlemen.   I had barely heard of this Guy Ritchie movie, and let me tell you, it’s fucking awesome.   An exciting and compelling crime story with a bunch of movie stars having a blast.  If, like me, you’d never heard of it before, by all means go check it out.  Fun stuff.  Hugh Grant is so far from his typical “Hugh Grant”-ness it’s mind-blowing.

Jan 31 Night at Sugarfish and Arclight with Carey & Paras:

On Saturday, I went over to visit mom for the first time since going with her to Helen’s for Christmas Eve.  I brought the wedding album I’d put together and she was able to remember all of that and the things we did then, and she managed to remember Larry had died, but it’s just not the same person.  Stacie and I are going to have to look to find a place for her to live, such as independent or assisted living as it just can’t continue on with how it is now, as it’s no way to live.  So on the way back home, I just wanted to try to make Larry proud, so I picked up filet mignons (enough for 3 people) and potatoes and broccoli, as I invited Nicki and Sveta over for dinner.  Everybody pitched in to help make dinner, and we ended up having medium-rare filets, baked potatoes, and roasted garlic broccoli.  It was fucking great.  Ended up mostly just talking that night, although I keep wanting to play “Ticket to Ride”, the actual board game. One day.

Feb 1 Filet Mignon Night with Nicki & Sveta:

On Sunday, I endeavored to try to start the process of cleaning up some of Larry’s stuff.  As it is now, I can’t even touch his clothes or shoes, whether they’re in the closet or on the dresser.  It hurts too much to think about it and the tears, as explained above, come like clockwork.  So I thought I’d take it easy on myself and just try to clear out some of the bathroom pills and such.  Well, I did manage to clear out stuff that probably Larry should have thrown out long ago, as well as remove excess stuff.   Still couldn’t get rid of things like his glasses though.  It’s not like I can even wear his glasses as my head is too big for his frames; nor can I wear his pants or shoes, so it makes sense that I should probably work on those to go.  But it’s just, I don’t think I can bear to have the closet half empty, or the drawers only filled on my side, as right now, I’m not triggered when I walk into my bedroom.  There’s something comforting about his stuff being there still.  But as I type this with tears in my eyes, I know I have to start bracing myself for that, and maybe I have friends with me when I do, but I don’t even know if that will help.  Fuck all of this.

Yes, I’ve begun the process of seeing a therapist.  She’s come over to the house a few times, and it’s still been an assessment period, so I think the next time would be truly the first session?  But these first few times have felt like a way to talk about these things I’m feeling and I guess it helps.  I just want to see if the tunnel ends.

Later on Sunday, Nicki kept me company while we watched the Super Bowl.  Still don’t really care about it, but at least the game was interesting and the commericals were okay.  The half time show was awesomesauce:

A Lady Gaga day

After yesterday’s amazing Super Bowl performance by  Lady Gaga, I of course had her on repeat today.  She does have a great catalog of fun songs to pick from now that she’s a few albums deep…in fact, I just bought something from her official store so I could get access to buy early tickets to her upcoming tour.  She announced her “Joanne” World Tour after the performance and I am finally ready to go to her show.  There’s a performance at the Forum on Aug 8, so here’s hoping I get some of those tickets!

Anyway, here’s hoping this video lasts a while of her performance at the Super Bowl – pretty damn great.

In the meantime…my favorite Lady Gaga tracks – not coincidentally, she certainly put most of these in the show, as they really are freakin great:

POKER FACE:  The song I first loved from her, and which made me a fan.  So great.

BAD ROMANCE:  This song is unbelievably great.  The video is just as fantastic.  Eminently singable and makes you wanna scream and dance and all of it.  A quite enjoyable song to play on Rock Band too.

BORN THIS WAY:  Fucking great LGBTQ anthem and very strange video, gotta say.  And even though it’s compared to Madonna’s “Express Yourself” for musical reasons, I still say, “Girls, you’re both pretty”.

TELEPHONE:  She and Beyonce kill it on this track.   I really really really thought Beyonce was going to make a surprise appearance at the Super Bowl when Lady Gaga started singing this song.

AMERICANO:  By far the song that is so not a hit but I fucking love the shit out of this song.  I still wish I knew choreographers and had the motivation and time to have figured out a flash mob dance to this song at our wedding last year.  It would’ve been epic.  Could have then led into the Hava Nagila horah dance.  Le sigh.

Anyway, there are so many great songs in her catalog, although I will say I think my favorites are from her first albums, The Fame, The Fame Monster, and Born This Way.  I can listen to those albums all the way through and be wildly entertained.  Joanne is growing on me, while ARTPOP is really disappointing.

In other random news, Larry bought me a Christmas present that just couldn’t get here on time due to supply issues: a signed copy of La La Land‘s soundtrack on vinyl (signed by the composer, Justin Hurwitz!).  Sooooo lucky to have a wonderful husband as him!


Reminded of Madonna’s 2012 Super Bowl Halftime Show

L.A. Weekly posted an article about the 10 best female solo Super Bowl performances and of course my girl Madonna ranks very high on the list, at #2 (behind Beyonce, which I’ll allow).  This performance is so much fun:

I even don’t mind “Gimme All Your Luvin'” at this point as it is a very catchy song, but the MDNA album is still such a misfire in my mind.  So much potential.  This Super Bowl performance is a blast, and outdoes the entirety of the MDNA concert tour too.

My Super Bowl Picks

Well, damn, that was one hell of a 4th Quarter!  As is usual, I could give zero shits about football but it’s easy to get caught up in a game that has such amazing plays and occurrences.  That insane bounce catch for Seattle with under 2 minutes left and then that insane insane insane interception by the Patriots at :20 left to ensure their victory?  Wow.  Good stuff.  Still don’t care who won though.

What was I there for?   Well, first, that Half Time show with Katy Perry wasn’t initially something I was all jazzed up about, but I of course had my attention focused on it as well, it’s the pop star stuff.  Katy Perry’s stuff was pretty good and I was entertained by the giant mecha-animal and dancing sharks, but I started to drift away until I heard some familiar beats…and then it was like, holy shit, is that Missy Fucking Elliott????  YES, Hobie, IT WAS.

missyelliott_halftimeGotta say I hope that this means that maybe just maybe Missy will be returning into the pop culture landscape soon.  2015 just may well be the best year for pop culture fun!!!!

The other thing I absolutely loved was that damn Budweiser commercial with the little puppy getting saved by his Clydesdale friends.  Ever since it was revealed earlier last week, I’ve loved watching it and sobbing.  It’s just an overdose of cute.

It’s not just the puppy cuteness, there’s the whole sad and slow version of “500 Miles” and once the chorus hits when the Clydesdales come to the rescue….omg, the feels.  Also?  That owner is the HAWT.  Ever since his first appearance 2 years ago, we’ve been fans of this particular campaign.  The guy is just so damn attractive.    Let’s review his previous Super Bowl appearances:

From 2014, it’s the puppy’s first appearance!!!!  So damn cute.

This was the one where it’s just so fucking emotional as it’s set to Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide” and it’s just so damn perfect.  Plus, this is the first time we meet hella Hawt horse trainer.  Shazam.

Go-Kart Racin’ and Super Bowl Watchin’

This is a pictures post, that’s for sure.  First up I’ve got some pics taken today from Trent’s 17th Birthday party, which was held at a place called K1 Racing.  I’d never heard of this place before today, but now having gone, I’m a fan.  It’s go-kart racing but it’s pretty sophisticated in that all your stats are gathered during the race so you can see how you did.  The first race for me was pretty sad, as I was not feeling comfortable at all and was worried I’d flip the car.  I needn’t have worried.  Though I did come in 10th out of 10 in the first race and only completed 6 laps (SIX!  Everyone else did 13 – Yes, it was that bad), after a break and realizing that the go-kart was not about to flip, I did a healthy 7th out of 9!  And actually did 13 laps this time – I was freakin’ flying.  Once you have that confidence, it’s amazing how much faster you’re willing to go.  After that we went to a really good sushi restaurant in Ontario.  Surprisingly good, actually!  Anyway, we’re home now and since I’m tired, it’s these pictures and another set below….

K1 Racing for Trent’s 17th Birthday in Ontario – February 8, 2014

So I was all about my cookies last weekend that I made for Mila’s Super Bowl party, yet I completely forgot when getting home from that fun event that I had taken pics too!   It was so much fun to get to see all my buds.  It’s still so fantastic to realize that the majority of us have known each other and been friends since 1988 or so….which is like 26 years….holy crap that’s a long time.  I love it though.  LOVE it.  Anyway, despite the game being a blowout, it’s always a great time with them and here are the pics to prove it.  I hope to see them more often though, as it had been awhile since I’d seen them before that.

Super Bowl Party and Scott’s Birthday @ Mila’s – February 2, 2014