So How About Those Oscars?

Larry & I had the opportunity to attend an Academy Awards party at Ken’s house in Los Feliz – “Ken” being Mila’s brother who I’ve known for pretty much all of his life.  He’s done well for himself and has a great house in the hills of Los Feliz and as you can see in […]

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Goodbye, Leap-Year February!

It wasn’t all that terrible of a month, but I think I wasn’t all that compelled to write about it in this here blog, that’s for sure.  Larry & I did get some wedding planning progress made though, and that has gone a long way towards hopefully making April 30 go off without a hitch.  […]

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Lady Gaga and Her Amazing Sound of Music Oscars Performance

This year’s Oscars were just okay – Neil Patrick Harris was a decent host but definitely not firing on all cylinders.  Go back to the Tonys, buddy.  🙂  I kid, I kid.  But his jokes definitely fell on the bad side more than the good.  Yet there were quite a few redeeming parts of the […]