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Some Pictures to Start Off Our March

Well, this was an interesting start to March!  Super Tuesday and all that that entails (eyerolls and ugh aplenty), but we also had our walkthrough at the Oviatt and it was great.  I finally got to meet our wedding coordinator, Marie, in person, as Larry knows her from work, and she was amazing and lovely.  […]

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Goodbye, Leap-Year February!

It wasn’t all that terrible of a month, but I think I wasn’t all that compelled to write about it in this here blog, that’s for sure.  Larry & I did get some wedding planning progress made though, and that has gone a long way towards hopefully making April 30 go off without a hitch.  […]

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The Oscar Party, continued

Yesterday’s Oscar party was a lot of fun.  Larry & I managed to throw another good party in which I think everyone was adequately fed, properly liquored, and most definitely entertained.  We set up a “red carpet” area to humor my desire to have a place to capture people in nice lighting and take said […]


Fantastic Time at the Academy Awards Party

Clearly I did not attend the 86th Academy Awards myself.  But damn if we did not have an amazing party for it!  WAY more pics tomorrow, but here’s the photo wall from tonight’s shindig. Updated:  I’ve posted the photo sets from that night – good times!