Some Pictures to Start Off Our March

Well, this was an interesting start to March!  Super Tuesday and all that that entails (eyerolls and ugh aplenty), but we also had our walkthrough at the Oviatt and it was great.  I finally got to meet our wedding coordinator, Marie, in person, as Larry knows her from work, and she was amazing and lovely.  I think April 30 will be a great day!

Anyway, pictures!

Sidenote:  It seems that Picasa and Picasaweb is getting discontinued by Google and wtf is that?  It does throw a wrench into how I manage my pictures as well as how I display them on my site here – I’m dreading what may be coming down the pike if I have to somehow retrofit all my previous picture galleries…And the plugin I use, Shashin, is no longer updated by its original developer either, which is a total bummer.  Alright, end of tangent…

Feb 27, 2016 – A Dinner at A Food Affair

It was a great French dinner and will be a fabulous place to have our rehearsal dinner!

Feb 28, 2016 – Oscar Party Pictures

Such a fun night at Nicki’s! So much wine!!!  And Rekha!!!

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