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Ah, Twitter.  Especially Gay Twitter.   Some days Twitter can be an awful awful place and serve to make you feel utterly hopeless and despair about the world.  And then?  Some days Twitter provides you this:

Holy hell.  Suddenly I’m going to be much more interested in the Winter Olympics.

These fine-ass specimens also help to reinforce my goal to get into better shape.  I’ve actually been really good about being a morning workout person.  I LOVE that I have the workout room here in this complex and I am a huge fan of the Fitbit Coach app – it’s always an interesting iteration of bodyweight exercises which keeps me from being bored.  But yeah, now being 41 means that it’s even harder to avoid being overweight as just it’s so easy to eat and enjoy oneself.  Anyway, just hope to be healthy and avoid bad things.  And in the interim, gaze upon some hot athletes.  🙂

She’s a Rainbow

I’m kind of in love with this song right now.  Like I mentioned in a recent post, I started listening to the Stones and realized that I am a big fan of their hits.  They’ve got tons of great songs but “She’s a Rainbow” really is just one that grabs you and lulls you in….plus there’s a great moment in SNL when Kristen Wiig departs the show and it’s a wonderful moment accompanied by Mick Jagger singing this song live.

I was intending to post that SNL moment here, but it doesn’t seem to exist on Youtube and likely isn’t available due to NBC’s strict control of SNL content. So here’s a Youtube embed of the song itself:

I make no statement as to the content of what is seen in this video!

In other news, this morning was a crisis of getting my ass to the gym.  I got up at 5:15am and I was like, FUCK THIS.  But I sat there and realized, wait, I have got to do this.  4 months and counting.  Get your shit together, Barnes.  And so I conquered my inner lazy demon…this time.  He’s a tough bitch, that one.

FitBit For Me

I mentioned in my Christmas Fun post that Larry got me a FitBit – to be more specific, he got me a FitBit Charge HR….

fitbit-charge-hr-black-1422987769-SCGA-full-width-inlineIt’s an nice and clean device that has a heart rate monitor built in and you can wear it all day.  I’m actually not wearing my “regular” watch anymore as this tells the time too.

I’ve been actively using it for two days now, and I’ve got to say that I do enjoy having this on.  I think I particularly like that it makes you automatically feel bad if you haven’t done anything particularly active during the day – in a completely passive-aggressive way.  It’s totally not pinging you about working out, but when you look down at the time, you are usually tempted to see how many steps you’ve taken and to see if your heart rate is low.  Then while you’re holding that greasy burger to your mouth, you realize that maybe you should reconsider your life choices.  🙂

So yeah, it has taken me a little bit of getting used to it, as I didn’t realize that the button for scrolling through the display was also the button you used to indicate you were starting a work out.  WAY easier that way than trying to remember exactly when you started working out and logging that as an activity.  Oh yeah, there’s also a corresponding app you put on your phone that then syncs your phone with the FitBit.  So if you want to really explore your stats, you do it on that app, or on your computer.  Anyway, it’s good motivation, and very much in line with one of the books I’ve loved having read:

5195yOP5tsL._SX356_BO1,204,203,200_It’s a super short book and has a lot of great, quick advice about many things, including tracking your numbers.  FitBit is great for that and I hope to keep that passive-aggressive reminder in mind every time I think about fucking off.

There’s also a feature in that if you’re wearing it while sleeping, it somehow can determine if you’re actually asleep, if you’re restless, or if you’re awake.  I kind of want to know what sorcery lives inside a FitBit now, as it does seem pretty accurate when I look at my stats on the web dashboard.

FitBit_29Dec2015Kind of awesome.  Unless you think about it as if my data is getting collected by the Robot Overlords and determining if I’m a better battery source or better to be used as paste.  But who’s crazy like that?  🙂

Working it Out

One occurrence does not a habit make, but here’s hoping!  I worked out in the morning before work for the first time since…well, this post written back when I was living in New York.  So it’s been awhile!  NOTE:  I have been working out regularly, just after work.

I’m just really happy though as it is so nice to be done with it for the day and not have to worry about trying to work out after work, as that just sometimes doesn’t happen.  But I still have to figure out just when to fit in a run here and there as it is still wayyyy too dark to go running at that time. No way, Jose.

p.s. That pic isn’t of me….obviously.  But maybe one day (but add some chest hair)!