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She’s a Rainbow

I’m kind of in love with this song right now.  Like I mentioned in a recent post, I started listening to the Stones and realized that I am a big fan of their hits.  They’ve got tons of great songs but “She’s a Rainbow” really is just one that grabs you and lulls you in….plus there’s a great moment in SNL when Kristen Wiig departs the show and it’s a wonderful moment accompanied by Mick Jagger singing this song live.

I was intending to post that SNL moment here, but it doesn’t seem to exist on Youtube and likely isn’t available due to NBC’s strict control of SNL content. So here’s a Youtube embed of the song itself:

I make no statement as to the content of what is seen in this video!

In other news, this morning was a crisis of getting my ass to the gym.  I got up at 5:15am and I was like, FUCK THIS.  But I sat there and realized, wait, I have got to do this.  4 months and counting.  Get your shit together, Barnes.  And so I conquered my inner lazy demon…this time.  He’s a tough bitch, that one.